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Android 15’s Theft Detection Feature Tested in Brazil


  • Google is testing Android 15’s automatic theft detection features in Brazil.
  • Theft Detection Lock uses AI to identify potential theft attempts.
  • Users in Brazil can now message businesses via WhatsApp and book appointments from search results.
  • The theft detection feature will be backported to older Android versions.

Google is taking a proactive approach to enhance smartphone security by testing its newly announced Theft Detection Lock feature in Brazil, leveraging local user feedback to refine this innovative anti-theft solution.

Android 15 via Sillycorns
Android 15 via Sillycorns

Android 15’s Theft Detection Lock: AI-Powered Security

As per Verge, Google is rolling out its anticipated Theft Detection Lock feature for initial testing in Brazil. This cutting-edge security measure utilizes artificial intelligence to identify potential theft attempts based on the device’s sudden, jerky movements. Announced at the Developer Conference in May, Theft Detection Lock can detect certain motion patterns indicative of an ongoing theft incident.

Advanced Motion and Network Tracking

In addition to monitoring motion, the feature employs advanced tracking capabilities to detect potential theft scenarios. It can recognize if someone attempts to use the device on a different network or if it’s off a frequently used network for an extended period.

Expanded Accessibility and Business Integration

While Brazil serves as the testing ground, Android users in the country will also benefit from expanded accessibility and business integration. They can directly message businesses via WhatsApp buttons in search listings and book appointments with local services like doctors and salons from the search results.

Though initially introduced with Android 15, Theft Detection Lock will be backported to older Android versions, ensuring broader availability of this innovative anti-theft technology.

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