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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shock Diners in Full Terminator Makeup

Key Points:

  • While filming The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to enter a fancy restaurant in his full Terminator makeup.
  • Dressed as the battle-damaged T-800, he approached the host, shocking the staff and diners who had no idea about the character.
  • The prank caused chaos, with diners screaming and fleeing the restaurant, leaving Schwarzenegger amused by the reaction.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is renowned for his memorable roles in action films, but few characters have left an impact quite like his portrayal of The Terminator. In a humorous behind-the-scenes anecdote, the actor revealed how he used his iconic Terminator makeup to prank unsuspecting diners at a fancy restaurant.

How Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Shock Diners as The Terminator?

Arnold via Netflix
Arnold Schwarzenegger via Netflix

While promoting The Terminator on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Schwarzenegger recounted a mischievous incident that occurred during the filming of the movie. On his way to the set, the actor, still in full Terminator makeup resembling the battle-damaged T-800 after being run over by a truck, decided to make a detour.

Spotting a fancy fine dining restaurant nearby, Schwarzenegger couldn’t resist the opportunity to surprise the patrons and staff. He approached the host, still in character, and requested a table as if he were the intimidating cyborg assassin.

At the time, no one was familiar with the character of The Terminator, as the film had not yet been released. Understandably, the host’s reaction upon seeing Schwarzenegger’s gruesome appearance was one of sheer terror.

The actor’s prank didn’t stop there. As he entered the restaurant, the diners were equally horrified by the sight of the seemingly battle-damaged figure. Chaos ensued, with patrons screaming and fleeing the establishment, leaving Schwarzenegger thoroughly amused by the reaction.

“It was the greatest reaction because the makeup was stunning,” Schwarzenegger recounted with a laugh.

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A Taste for Mischief

Arnold via Netflix
Arnold Schwarzenegger via Netflix

This incident wasn’t the only time Schwarzenegger used his Terminator makeup to startle unsuspecting individuals. The actor seemed to have developed a taste for mischief, as he later revealed that he had repeated similar pranks under different circumstances.

Schwarzenegger’s antics showcased his playful side and his ability to embrace his iconic role in a lighthearted manner. It also highlighted the impact of the Terminator character and the realistic makeup that brought the cyborg assassin to life on the big screen.

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As the Terminator franchise continues to evolve, Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of the relentless killing machine remains a cornerstone of the series. His willingness to embrace the character’s menacing appearance, even in unexpected settings, has only added to the enduring legacy of this iconic role.

The Terminator was released in theaters on October 26, 1984, and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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