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Blood Bowl 3 Gets Wood Elves Team in Season 4 Update

Key Points :

  • Agile new Wood Elves team joins the roster alongside Resurrection mode
  • Custom team creation, AI improvements and 2024 roadmap also included
  • Blood Bowl 3 continues getting quarterly seasonal content updates

Blood Bowl 3 has unleashed its latest seasonal update, bringing the agile Wood Elves team to the twisted fantasy football pitch. Season 4 also adds a new Resurrection mode, custom team options, AI enhancements and a roadmap outlining 2024’s content plans.

Wood Elves Bring Agility to the Pitch in Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3 Wood Elf via Nacon
Blood Bowl 3 Wood Elf via Nacon

Fast, fragile but capable of inflicting damage if they connect, Top-tier team in previous tabletop editions of Blood Bowl, Costly to field but Resurrection mode helps offset expensive rosters

As an agility team, the newly added Wood Elves afford greater ball handling and passing capability compared to their armor-clad counterparts. While fragile, they can still pack a punch with hard-hitting Wardancers and the mighty Treemen.

Custom Teams, AI Upgrades and 2024 Roadmap

Blood Bowl 3 Treeman via Nacon
Blood Bowl 3 Treeman via Nacon

According to the PCGamer, Season 4’s main additions are options to create custom teams, various minor AI behavior improvements, and a roadmap outlining content updates through the end of 2024.

Notably, the long-awaited crossplay support has been delayed until Season 5 in June, while Eternal Leagues making a return is still months away in Season 7.

Blood Bowl 3‘s latest update is available now as a free download for all players across PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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