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Cillian Murphy’s ’28 Years Later’ Return Was Set Up Perfectly by a Story 15 Years Ago

Key Points: 

  • Cillian Murphy’s return as Jim in ’28 Years Later’ has fans excited for the sequel
  • The sequel can draw from a comic book storyline that continued Jim’s narrative after ‘28 Days Later
  • Jim’s introduction in ‘28 Years Later‘ could mirror his opening arc in ‘28 Days Later,’ portraying him as an ex-inmate in a changed world

Cillian Murphy’s ’28 Years Later’ Return Was Set Up Perfectly by a Story 15 Years Ago

28 Days Later
Cillian Murphy in 28 Days Later

While the plot of ‘28 Years Later‘ remains shrouded in mystery, the confirmation of Cillian Murphy’s return as Jim has fans eagerly anticipating the sequel’s release. Murphy’s reprisal of his iconic role from ’28 Days Later’ has the potential to surprise and evolve his character in unexpected ways.

Although the theatrical ending of ‘28 Days Later‘ provided an optimistic conclusion for Jim, Selena, and Hannah, a ’28 Days Later’ comic book sequel suggested a different fate for Murphy’s character. The comic book extended Jim’s narrative by depicting him being arrested for killing Major West and his soldiers, ultimately landing him on death row.

While ‘28 Years Later‘ is unlikely to adopt the comic’s grim ending, it could draw inspiration from Jim’s story in the comic as a starting point for his character’s arc in the sequel. Portraying Jim as an ex-inmate recently released from prison after 28 years would not only parallel his opening arc in ’28 Days Later,’ where he woke up unaware of the outbreak, but also provide a fresh perspective on the changed world he finds himself in.

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How Jim’s Introduction in ’28 Years Later’ Could Mirror His ’28 Days Later’ Beginnings?

28 Days Later
28 Days Later

Tom Rothman, the producer of ’28 Years Later,’ teased that Murphy’s return would be “surprising” and allow for his character’s “growth.” If the film adapts Jim’s comic book backstory, introducing him as an ex-inmate adjusting to a post-apocalyptic world would certainly be a surprising and compelling way to continue his narrative.

Just as Jim woke from a coma in ‘28 Days Later‘ to find the world drastically changed by the Rage Virus outbreak, his introduction in ‘28 Years Later‘ could depict him as a recently released prisoner, unaware of the full extent of the world’s transformation during his incarceration. This narrative parallel would not only honor the original film’s story but also provide a fresh starting point for Jim’s character development.

Furthermore, portraying Jim as an ex-inmate would allow for exploration of how his experiences in prison may have further hardened him and altered his perception of the zombie-infested world, providing ample opportunity for character growth and depth.

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’28 Years Later’ is scheduled for release on June 20, 2025. While specific streaming details have yet to be announced, the film is expected to receive a theatrical release before becoming available on various streaming platforms.

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