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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Thrills & Frills Update Brings Daisy Duck on May 1

Key Points:

  • Daisy Duck is joining Disney Dreamlight Valley in the ‘Thrills and Frills’ free content update on May 1, 2024.
  • The update also includes new park rides from the ‘A Day at Disney’ Star Path and enhanced camera functionality.
  • Paid expansion ‘A Rift in Time’ introduces Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and continues the story in ‘The Spark of Imagination’ chapter.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have a lot to look forward to next week as the game’s next major free content update, ‘Thrills and Frills,’ arrives on May 1, bringing the debut of Daisy Duck and various other exciting new additions.


New Attractions and Camera Features in ‘Thrills and Frills’ Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley Via Nintendo of America
Disney Dreamlight Valley Via Nintendo of America

According to the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley developer update, the ‘Thrills and Frills’ update will introduce the ‘A Day at Disney’ Star Path, allowing players to collect new park rides and items inspired by Disney Parks. Additionally, the update will enhance the game’s camera functionality, enabling players to take selfies with friends during Valley Visits and capture photos inside placed attractions.

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Daisy Duck’s Arrival and Boutique in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Expansion Pass Roadmap via Disney Dreamlight Valley
Expansion Pass Roadmap via Disney Dreamlight Valley

“Many of you guessed it based on our last roadmap, but Daisy Duck is making her way to the Valley, and after reuniting with her, you will unlock the Boutique, a new building that can be used to showcase your Touch of Magic designs,” the developer update states. The Boutique will also feature weekly Design Challenges with exclusive rewards like new Touch of Magic items.

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‘A Rift in Time’ Expansion Continues with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald via Disney Dreamlight Valley
Oswald via Disney Dreamlight Valley

Owners of the paid ‘Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time’ Expansion Pass can look forward to the second chapter, ‘The Spark of Imagination,’ releasing alongside the free update on May 1. This chapter will introduce Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, one of Walt Disney’s earliest creations, to the game’s Eternity Isle region, complete with a quest line inspired by the silent film era.

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