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Agents of Duality: Valorant’s Interdimensional Struggle for Radianite

Valorant’s lore is rich and complex, combining elements like supernatural abilities, advanced technology, and conflicts between dimensions. At the heart of this story is the ongoing battle between agents from our Earth and their counterparts from a parallel universe, known as Earth-2.

The Genesis of Earth-2/Omega Earth

Duality - Valorant
Duality – Valorant

Earth-2, also called Mirror Earth, emerged from the lore shown in the “Duality” cinematic. This alternate world is facing a severe shortage of Radianite, a critical resource that powers both universes. To survive, agents from Earth-2 have crossed over to our Earth to steal Radianite, leading to numerous confrontations and high-stakes missions.

Valorant Protocol and the Kingdom Corporation

Brimstone and Team - Valorant
Brimstone and Team – Valorant

The Valorant Protocol, an elite group formed to counter Radianite-related threats, stands as the primary defense against Earth-2 incursions. Led by Brimstone and Sage, the protocol includes various agents with unique abilities, each contributing to the goal of protecting their world from these existential threats.

Parallel to the Valorant Protocol is the Kingdom Corporation, a powerful entity that controls a significant portion of the world’s Radianite. Despite their resources, Kingdom’s practices are controversial, involving unethical experiments and environmental damage, making them both an ally and an adversary in the battle against Earth-2 agents.

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Earth-2’s Strategy and Tactics

Earth-2 agents infiltrate our world with one primary objective: secure Radianite. This goal often manifests in the core gameplay of Valorant, where attackers (Earth-2 agents) plant spikes to extract Radianite, while defenders (our Earth’s agents) attempt to thwart their plans. The “Duality” cinematic vividly shows this conflict, with Mirror Jett successfully detonating a spike in Venice, Italy, resulting in catastrophic destruction and the creation of the Ascent map.

Key Mirror Earth Characters and Their Roles

Duality - Valorant
Duality – Valorant

Key characters that have appeared so far in this interdimensional conflict:

  • Mirror Jett: A skilled duelist from Earth-2, Jett’s successful spike detonation in Venice highlights the threat posed by Earth-2 agents.
  • Viper and Phoenix: In the “Duality” cinematic, Viper keeps the existence of Mirror Earth a secret from Phoenix, showcasing the level of secrecy and the gravity of the threat.
  • Chamber: Known for his strategic mind, Chamber’s actions are crucial in the lore. He destroyed the Fracture facility to prevent Radianite from falling into the wrong hands and collaborates with Neon and Killjoy to maintain the Alpha-Omega bridge.

The Alpha-Omega Bridge

Fade Valorant
Fade Valorant

The Alpha-Omega bridge, a portal linking our Earth to Earth-2, is a critical point of contention. This portal’s creation and maintenance are pivotal for both offensive and defensive operations. Brimstone, along with agents like Cypher and Sova, has successfully managed to open this bridge, enabling missions into Earth-2. The character Fade is notably the first to travel through this portal, hinting at future expansions in the Valorant lore.

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The Future of Valorant’s Lore


As the story unfolds, players can expect deeper explorations into the complexities of Earth-2 and its impact on the Valorant universe. Upcoming events and cinematics will likely reveal more about the motivations of Earth-2 agents and the strategic responses of the Valorant Protocol.

Valorant’s lore, enriched by the duality of Earth and Earth-2, offers a compelling backdrop for its tactical gameplay. The ongoing conflict between these two worlds not only drives the game’s narrative but also shapes the strategies and interactions of its diverse cast of characters. Understanding this intricate lore enhances the gameplay experience, making every match a part of a larger, thrilling story.

Source – Valorant Wiki

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