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Emily Blunt’s The Fall Guy Look Inspired by Hollywood Directors

Key Points:

  • For Emily Blunt’s character, the costume designer drew inspiration from iconic female directors and ’80s fashion icons.
  • Emily Blunt’s character, Jody, wears a signature pink jumpsuit and Hawaiian shirt.
  • Colt’s “Miami Vice Stunt Team” jacket pays homage to director David Leitch’s background.

Emily Blunt’s on-screen persona as Jody, an aspiring film director in the upcoming action-comedy The Fall Guy, has been meticulously crafted by costume designer Sarah Evelyn. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources, Evelyn has created a look that seamlessly blends elements of classic Hollywood style with contemporary influences.

Crafting Emily Blunt’s Iconic Look in ‘The Fall Guy’

Emily Blunt - The Fall Guy
Emily Blunt – The Fall Guy

According to Variety, in shaping Jody’s wardrobe, Evelyn delved into the fashion choices of renowned female directors like Kathryn Bigelow, Patty Jenkins, and Greta Gerwig. She also took cues from ’80s fashion icons like Lauren Hutton and Brooke Shields, aiming to capture the essence of a classic underdog story.

“I looked at Kathryn Bigelow and Patty Jenkins, women who direct action. I took a good look at Greta Gerwig because she’s very of the moment,” Evelyn explains. “Other directors including Agnes Varda also popped into mind, and when Blunt signed on, she too came up with ideas. She was really well researched and is costume-forward.”

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The Iconic Pink Jumpsuit and Accessories

Emily Blunt - The Fall Guy
Emily Blunt – The Fall Guy

One of the standout pieces in Jody’s wardrobe is her signature pink jumpsuit from Wrangler, paired with a Hawaiian shirt, a leather belt, and Red Wing work boots.

Evelyn shares the inspiration behind this look, “That [look] came from my heart. The leather belt idea came from the woman who did the leather work on the film. She had this amazing leather belt that she always wore like that, and I said, ‘You’ve got to make one of those for Emily.'”

To ensure durability and practicality on set, Evelyn sourced multiple copies of the jumpsuit, acknowledging the wear and tear of filming. Minimal jewelry from Los Angeles-based designers Mara Scalise and Olivia Hailey completed Jody’s ensemble.

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One of the most significant pieces in the film is Colt’s (played by Ryan Gosling) “Miami Vice Stunt Team” jacket, which pays homage to director David Leitch’s background in stunt work.

Evelyn reveals, “The ‘Miami Vice’ jacket is the perfect symbol of what it’s like to work on projects with David Leitch. It’s wildly collaborative, it’s the best idea wins, and if there’s a great idea, you’re going to make it work.”

The jacket’s selection was a collaborative effort between Evelyn, Gosling, and his stylist Mark Avery, who brought the idea to the table after extensive research.

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