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Friends’ Central Perk sofa was found in a basement by the set designer

  • The orange couch from Friends was discovered in a studio basement by the set decorator
  • It was refurbished and modified to suit the needs of the show
  • The couch became an iconic piece of pop culture memorabilia

The orange couch from the sitcom Friends has become a pop culture icon, as recognizable as the show’s memorable characters. However, its origins are far more humble than one might expect. This iconic piece of furniture was not a custom-made design but rather a forgotten relic, buried in the depths of a studio basement.

How the Friend’s Central Perk Couch Was Unearthed?

Friends orange couch

According to Koimoi, When set decorator Greg Grande was tasked with designing the famous Central Perk coffee shop set, he stumbled upon a hidden gem. Tucked away in a corner of the Warner Bros. studio basement, Grande discovered a beautifully carved, orange-colored sofa. Despite its tattered state, with rips and frayed edges, Grande saw its potential and decided it was perfect for the Friends set.

Although the network initially had concerns about the couch’s worn condition, Grande managed to strike a compromise. He covered the most significant rip with a tapestry throw and refurbished the fringes. As the show gained popularity and continued its ten-season run, Grande found matching fabric in Europe and fully reupholstered the sofa, restoring it to its former glory.

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Adapting the Couch for Television

The Ones When They're at Central Perk _ Friends
The Ones When They’re at Central Perk _ Friends

To ensure the couch remained camera-ready, Grande made a practical modification. He placed a piece of plywood underneath the cushions, preventing the actors from sinking too deeply into the soft upholstery during filming. This simple adjustment allowed the couch to maintain its pristine appearance throughout the show’s entire run.

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Today, the Central Perk couch stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Friends. Its journey from a forgotten relic to a pop culture phenomenon is a reminder of the power of creativity and vision. The couch’s iconic status was solidified when it was displayed at the Empire State Building, a fitting tribute to its place in television history.

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