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General Hospital Actress Robyn Bernard Found Dead at 64 in Open Field

Key Points:

  • Robyn Bernard, known for her role as Terry Brock in General Hospital, was found dead in an open field in San Jacinto, CA, at the age of 64.
  • The details surrounding her death are currently mysterious, with her cause of death yet to be determined.
  • Bernard’s autopsy is scheduled, and toxicology reports could take several weeks to provide more clarity on her passing.

Tragedy has struck the soap opera world as General Hospital actress Robyn Bernard has passed away at the age of 64. According to a press release, the actress’s body was discovered in an open field in San Jacinto, CA, on Tuesday, with the circumstances surrounding her death shrouded in mystery.

Robyn Bernard died at 64

Robyn Bernard, General Hospital Actress via ET
Robyn Bernard, General Hospital Actress via ET

As per reports from RadarOnline, law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene after receiving a death investigation call. The field where Bernard’s body was found is located near a residence listed for her in the small city, nearly 3 hours away from Los Angeles. The time of death is listed as 4:05 AM, but the cause remains unknown.

While Bernard’s fingerprints helped the Riverside County Coroner identify her body, as confirmed by TMZ, the captain of the coroner’s office clarified that this is a standard procedure, and everyone is identified either by their prints or ID. As of now, no cause of death has been determined, and her autopsy is scheduled for later today.

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Toxicology Reports Pending

The results of a toxicology report, which could shed light on the circumstances surrounding her passing, can take several weeks. has revealed that Bernard’s next of kin has been notified, and they will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available from law enforcement and the coroner’s office.

Hailing from Gladewater, Texas, Bernard dreamed of becoming a star and eventually made her way to Hollywood. She appeared in several small parts in the ’80s on television shows like The Facts of Life, Simon & Simon, Diva, and Tour of Duty. However, her biggest role came when she played Terry Brock on General Hospital, appearing in 145 episodes of the soap opera until her last appearance in 1990.

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Bernard’s acting career seemingly slowed down in recent years, with her last role being a Psychologist in the 2002 movie Voice from the High School, a film focused on tackling the struggles of life as a teen.

As fans and colleagues mourn the loss of Robyn Bernard, the circumstances surrounding her mysterious death remain a subject of investigation.

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