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House of the Dragon Season 2 Could Alter Daemon’s Most Important Moment and Game of Thrones Plot

Key Points: 

  • Baela Targaryen will wield the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister in ‘House of the Dragon‘ Season 2, a departure from the book’s lore.
  • Giving Baela ownership of Dark Sister raises questions about Daemon’s fate and the Battle Above the Gods Eye, a pivotal moment in his story.
  • The change could lead to a dramatic conflict between Dark Sister and House Stark’s ancestral sword Ice, adding depth to the Game of Thrones saga.

‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 Shakes Up Daemon’s Storyline with Shocking Change

DAEMON TARGARYEN in House of the Dragon

In a surprising revelation for ‘House of the Dragon’ fans, the upcoming second season of the hit HBO series is set to deviate from the established book lore by giving Baela Targaryen possession of the legendary Valyrian steel sword, Dark Sister. This unexpected change not only alters Baela’s character arc but also could have major implications for her father, Daemon Targaryen, and his most pivotal moment in the Game of Thrones saga.

As per Vestal, according to Bethany Antonia, the actress portraying Baela, her character will be “presented with [her] character’s weapon, the Valyrian steel sword Dark Sister” in Season 2. This revelation directly contradicts George R.R. Martin’s ‘Fire & Blood,’ which never mentions Baela wielding the iconic sword. Instead, the books document Dark Sister as being the weapon of choice for Daemon himself during the Dance of the Dragons.

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Daemon Targaryen’s Fate and the Battle Above the Gods Eye in Question


Daemon’s possession of Dark Sister plays a crucial role in one of his most memorable battles – the Battle Above the Gods Eye against his nephew Aemond. In the books, Daemon is described as leaping from his dragon Caraxes to Vhagar’s saddle mid-air, before plunging Dark Sister into Aemond’s missing eye, ultimately leading to their demise. However, with Baela now wielding the sword in ‘House of the Dragon,’ this pivotal moment could be drastically altered or omitted entirely, raising questions about Daemon’s fate and the accuracy of the historical accounts depicted in the books.

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While the implications of this change for Daemon’s story arc are significant, it also presents an intriguing possibility for a dramatic confrontation between two iconic swords: Dark Sister and House Stark’s ancestral blade, Ice. In the books, Lord Cregan Stark arrives in King’s Landing after the Dance of the Dragons, and Baela brandishes her sword defensively against him, showcasing the long-standing rivalry between the Starks and Targaryens. If Baela does indeed wield Dark Sister in ‘House of the Dragon,’ this moment could be elevated to new heights, symbolizing the clash between the forces of Ice and Fire that lies at the heart of the Game of Thrones saga.

House of the Dragon’ Season 2 premieres on June 16.

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