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How Matthew Perry Saved Chandler’s Character by Blocking a Controversial ‘Friends’ Storyline

Key Points:

  • Matthew Perry blocked a cheating storyline for Chandler in ‘Friends’.
  • Chandler’s actions in the show highlighted his commitment to friendship and loyalty.
  • This move saved Chandler’s character and his relationship with Monica.

By blocking a controversial storyline, Matthew Perry protected Chandler Bing’s integrity and the values he stood for in Friends. Perry’s decision ensured Chandler remained loyal to Monica, preserving one of the most beloved relationships in the show. The proposed plot would have had Chandler cheat on Monica during Season 5, a move that would have contradicted Chandler’s established character and alienated fans.

What Was the Controversial ‘Friends’ Storyline?

Monica and Chandler - Friends
Monica and Chandler – Friends

The scrapped storyline involved Chandler cheating on Monica during their trip to Las Vegas in Season 5’s two-part episode, “The One in Vegas.” After learning Monica had lunch with her ex, Richard, Chandler would have felt hurt and ordered room service in a fit of jealousy. A flight attendant, played by Lisa Cash, would deliver the food, and in the heat of the moment, Chandler would cheat on Monica. Perry, recognizing the potential backlash, approached the writers to have the scene removed, arguing that fans would never forgive Chandler for such a betrayal. Instead, the writers opted for a more positive turn, with Chandler and Monica deciding to get married after their fight, a decision they eventually back out of.

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Why Would Chandler Cheating Have Betrayed His Character?

Monica and Chandler Story - Friends
Monica and Chandler Story – Friends

Chandler Bing’s character is defined by his loyalty and strong moral compass, especially regarding relationships. Throughout the series, Chandler’s actions and decisions highlight his commitment to friendship and fidelity. His response to Ross’s infidelity during the “we were on a break” storyline demonstrated his understanding of trust and betrayal. Chandler’s past actions, such as feeling deep remorse after kissing Joey’s girlfriend Kathy, further solidified his stance against cheating. These moments showcased Chandler’s dedication to preserving his friendships and relationships, making it clear that cheating on Monica would be out of character.

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By blocking the cheating storyline, Matthew Perry not only preserved Chandler’s character but also protected one of the best relationships in Friends. Chandler and Monica’s relationship, built on years of friendship, became a pillar of the show. Their bond was tested through various challenges, including infertility and job changes, but they always emerged stronger. Chandler’s decision to never cheat, even in a moment of weakness, underscored the depth of his love for Monica. This consistency in character helped maintain the integrity of their relationship, making it one of the most stable and beloved in the series.

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