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How to Read Spider-Man Comics Before Watching the MCU’s Homecoming Trilogy

Key Points: 

  • Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man trilogy remains popular among Netflix subscribers.
  • Maguire’s potential involvement in a fourth Spider-Man film has fueled rumors.
  • Reading key Spider-Man comics can enhance the viewing experience of the MCU’s Homecoming trilogy.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Homecoming trilogy continues to captivate audiences, fans are turning to Spider-Man’s rich comic book history to deepen their understanding of the beloved web-slinger. With rumors swirling about Tobey Maguire’s potential return in a fourth Spider-Man film, exploring the character’s iconic storylines provides essential context for both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Essential Spider-Man Comics to Read Before the Homecoming Trilogy


To fully appreciate Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man in the MCU’s Homecoming trilogy, it’s recommended to dive into the character’s iconic comic book arcs. These storylines not only introduce key characters and themes but also lay the groundwork for the cinematic adaptations.

  • “Amazing Fantasy #15” (1962) – This issue marks Spider-Man’s debut and the origin story that sets the stage for his entire journey.
  • “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” (The Amazing Spider-Man #121-122, 1973) – A pivotal and tragic moment that shaped Spider-Man’s character and resonates throughout the franchise.
  • “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man” (The Amazing Spider-Man #248, 1984) – A heartwarming tale that explores Spider-Man’s impact on his fans and the responsibility that comes with his powers.

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Exploring Spider-Man’s Multiversal Adventures


With the Homecoming trilogy’s connection to the broader Marvel Multiverse, fans may also want to delve into storylines that explore alternate realities and variants of Spider-Man.

  • Spider-Verse” (2014-2015) – This epic crossover event introduced the concept of a Spider-Verse and featured multiple iterations of Spider-Man from different universes.
  • Spider-Geddon” (2018-2019) – Building upon the success of “Spider-Verse,” this storyline pitted various Spider-Heroes against the inheritors, a group of villains seeking to eliminate them.

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The MCU’s Homecoming trilogy, consisting of “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” is available for streaming on various platforms.

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