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Jim Parsons Shared His Early Reservations About Joining ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Key Points: 

  • Jim Parsons revealed he initially had doubts about The Big Bang Theory’s potential longevity
  • Despite connecting with the role, Parsons didn’t expect the show to have such an extended run
  • Parsons’ decision to leave ultimately led to The Big Bang Theory ending after 12 seasons

Jim Parsons Shed Light on His Initial Reservations About The Big Bang Theory’s Prospects

Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory
Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory

In an interview with Hollywood Outbreak, Jim Parsons opened up about his early doubts surrounding the eventual success and longevity of The Big Bang Theory. Despite his undeniable chemistry with the role of Sheldon Cooper, Parsons admitted he didn’t foresee the show’s remarkable 12-season run and cultural phenomenon status.

“I didn’t know it would stay on the air,” Parsons stated, referring to the comedy’s original pitch. “But I did connect with it in a way that was pretty specific.”

Parsons elaborated: “It doesn’t happen, as an actor, I don’t feel things like that happen that often. A lot of roles that you’re like: ‘I could do this, and it’s fine, and it’s good even.’ But there was something from the moment I read this one.”

However, the actor maintained, “As far as carrying on into something that’s gone on this long, no, I had no idea.”

The Big Bang Theory’s success enabled the creation of the prequel series Young Sheldon and the spinoff Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage, which Parsons may appear in after wrapping The Last of Us.

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Jim Parsons’ Departure Allowed The Big Bang Theory to End Definitively

Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory
Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory

Ultimately, Parsons’ doubts about committing long-term may have been well-founded, as he eventually decided not to continue with the series. This directly resulted in The Big Bang Theory’s conclusion after season 12.

“I’m not saying I wouldn’t [return as Sheldon], but it’s not something that I immediately have a ton of feeling to do,” Parsons stated about reprising the role.

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With the lead actor hesitant about continuing, pursuing The Big Bang Theory further wouldn’t have been viable. Parsons’ readiness to move on enabled a definitive ending rather than an indefinite continuation of uncertain quality.

The complete series run of The Big Bang Theory is available to stream now on HBO Max.

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