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Joy Sunday Teases Evolution of Wednesday & Bianca’s Relationship in Season 2

Key Points: 

  1. Joy Sunday who plays Bianca is excited to see the friendship between Bianca and Wednesday evolve alongside their rivalry in Wednesday Season 2.
  2. The two characters are connected despite their different paths and recognize each other’s beauty and success.
  3. Sunday values supporting her friends no matter how far they go or how much they achieve.

Joy Sunday Teases Evolution of Wednesday & Bianca’s Relationship in Season 2

Joy Sunday as Bianca
Joy Sunday as Bianca

In the second season of the hit Netflix series “Wednesday,” fans can expect to witness the dynamic relationship between Bianca Barclay and Wednesday Addams take an exciting new turn. Joy Sunday, the actress portraying the siren Bianca, has expressed her enthusiasm for the characters’ friendship to blossom alongside their existing rivalry.

Joy Sunday, who plays the role of Bianca Barclay in the series, has teased the evolution of her character’s relationship with the titular Wednesday Addams. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sunday shared her excitement about exploring the friendship and rivalry between the two powerful characters.

“I think to have a little bit of competition. I’m really excited to see their friendship bloom alongside that,” Sunday stated. “These two really powerful and resolute characters [end up growing into] beautiful young women.”

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Despite Different Paths, Bianca and Wednesday Recognize Each Other’s Beauty

Wednesday and Bianca
Wednesday and Bianca

Despite their contrasting trajectories, Bianca and Wednesday share a connection that allows them to recognize and appreciate each other’s beauty and success.

Sunday emphasized this aspect, saying, “Despite the fact that we’re both trying on our different trajectories, we can still recognize the beauty and it’s so natural for her and Wednesday.”

In her comments, Sunday also highlighted her personal value of supporting her friends’ achievements, no matter how far they go or how high they reach.

“I certainly appreciate being able to support my friends however far they go, however high they reach for the stars,” she shared.

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With “Wednesday” being one of Netflix’s biggest success stories, there have been speculations about expanding the show’s focus in the upcoming season. Rumors suggest that season 2 may feature episodes centered around other Nevermore Academy students and their backstories, potentially allowing for a deeper exploration of characters like Bianca and Enid Sinclair.

All episodes of “Wednesday” season 1 are currently available on Netflix.

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