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JTBC’s rom-com “Frankly Speaking” introduces new teasers, showcasing chaos for announcer Go Kyung-pyo and variety writer Kang Hanna.

Key Points: 

  • The teasers of Frankly Speaking introduce Go Kyung-pyo as a truthful announcer who loses his filter, causing chaos in his personal and professional life.
  • Kang Hanna plays a variety writer seeking a ratings boost, leading her to recruit the unfiltered Go Kyung-pyo for her show.
  • Hilarious antics and clashes between the two leads ensue, promising a comedic rollercoaster for viewers.

JTBC’s upcoming rom-com “Frankly Speaking” has released new teasers, giving viewers a glimpse into the chaos that unfolds when a truth-bombing announcer collides with an opportunistic variety writer. Prepare for a hilarious clash of personalities and a rollercoaster of comedic mayhem.

What Happens When an Announcer Loses His Filter in Frankly Speaking?

Go Kyung Pyo in Frankly Speaking
Go Kyung Pyo in Frankly Speaking

According to Drama Beans, the first teaser introduces Go Kyung-pyo as Song Ki-baek, a seemingly perfect announcer with a good family, personality, and competence in his work. However, a fateful incident leaves Ki-baek unable to stretch the truth, and his once-serene demeanor transforms into a crazed, unfiltered state.

Ki-baek’s newfound bluntness quickly lands him in trouble, as he blurts out disrespectful comments to his superiors and offends an entire mob, forcing him to flee for his life. The teaser ends with Ki-baek’s worries about his ability to deliver the news in his unfiltered state, setting the stage for comedic chaos.

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A Variety Writer’s Quest for Ratings Gold

Go Kyung Pyo in Frankly Speaking
Go Kyung Pyo in Frankly Speaking

The second teaser shifts the focus to Kang Hanna’s character, Ohn Woo-joo, a variety writer struggling to save her show, Running Brothers, from cancellation. When Woo-joo spots Ki-baek’s unfiltered antics on TV, she sees an opportunity for a ratings boost and arranges a meeting with the truth-telling announcer.

However, even Woo-joo is taken aback by the extent of Ki-baek’s petty and hilarious antics on her show, from commenting on foul odors to making threats of revenge. As Woo-joo ponders the possibility of a personality change due to an electric shock, Ki-baek causes further chaos by climbing rocky cliffs, leading to both leads falling into the water below.

With Go Kyung-pyo’s unfiltered honesty clashing with Kang Hanna’s pursuit of rating success, Frankly Speaking promises a comedic rollercoaster filled with unexpected situations and hilarious interactions between the two leads.

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As the chaos unfolds, viewers can expect a delightful blend of romance and laughter, showcasing the talents of the cast and the creative vision of director Jang Ji-yeon and writer Choi Kyung-sun.

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