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Kaley Cuoco Took Time to Perfect Harley Quinn’s Voice

Key Points: 

  • Kaley Cuoco Reveals the Process of Perfecting Her Iconic Harley Quinn Voice
  • Bringing the beloved Harley Quinn character to life through voice acting was harder than expected for Kaley Cuoco
  • Cuoco went back to re-record earlier Harley Quinn dialogue to match the manic, hysterical tone she later found
  • The actress discusses finding an authentic way to voice the iconic character without forcing an accent

For her role as the voice of Harley Quinn in the new DC Universe animated series, Kaley Cuoco had to go through an iterative process to truly perfect her take on the iconic character. The actress initially struggled to nail down the right manic, hysterical tone before having to circle back and re-record some of her earlier lines.

How Kaley Cuoco Found Her Voice as Harley Quinn?

Kaley Cuoco in DC Universe's Harley Quinn
Kaley Cuoco in DC Universe’s Harley Quinn

In an interview with TVLine, Cuoco opened up about the challenges of bringing Quinn’s over-the-top personality to life solely through voice work. “After a few weeks, it became more manic and hysterical, so I wanted to go back and re-record [the earlier episodes] to make sure it was just as badass from the beginning.”

She admits it took some time to fully inhabit the character. “I think with any [new] character…it takes some getting used to. I’ve perfected certain looks and facial expressions over the years, so this in a way was harder.”

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Kaley Cuoco’s Approach to Voicing the Iconic Villain

Kaley Cuoco in DC Universe's Harley Quinn
Kaley Cuoco in DC Universe’s Harley Quinn

For the Big Bang Theory star, voicing such an iconic comic book character carried extra pressure to get it right. “I’m voicing someone as iconic as Harley [Quinn],” she explained.

However, Cuoco made the conscious decision not to put on an accent or affectation for the role. “My voice is very recognizable, so I didn’t want to force an accent or try to be someone I’m not. I’m ‘Kaley as Harley,’ and accepting that early on enabled me to me free and very authentic.”

By leaning into her own natural voice and persona, Cuoco was able to find a truly unique way to portray the unhinged former psychiatrist that still felt distinctly comic-accurate.

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The premiere episode of Harley Quinn is available now on the DC Universe streaming platform. What did you think of Kaley Cuoco’s performance as the voice of Harley Quinn?

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