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Kim Ji-won’s Best K-Drama Role Before ‘Queen of Tears’ is a Comedic Departure from Hae-in

Key Points:

  • Kim Ji-won plays contrasting roles in “Queen of Tears” and “Fight For My Way
  • Her character Ae-ra in “Fight For My Way” is a struggling, optimistic dreamer
  • Ae-ra’s comedic journey highlights Kim Ji-won’s versatility as an actress

Kim Ji-won’s portrayal of the rich and successful Hae-in in “Queen of Tears” is a stark contrast to her beloved character Ae-ra from the hit K-drama “Fight For My Way.” While Hae-in is a complex and emotionally charged role, Ae-ra showcases Kim’s comedic talents in a refreshingly different light.

How Does Kim Ji-won’s Ae-ra Differ from Her Role as Hae-in in “Queen of Tears”?

Queen of Tears
Kim Ji Won in Queen of Tears

According to Soompi, in the critically acclaimed “Queen of Tears,” Kim Ji-won brilliantly portrays Hae-in, a powerful CEO and heir to a successful family empire. However, beneath Hae-in’s wealthy exterior lies a complex character grappling with a failed marriage and a brain tumor diagnosis.

While Hae-in’s story is emotionally gripping, Kim Ji-won’s role as Ae-ra in the 2017 K-drama “Fight For My Way” showcases a completely different side of her acting abilities. Ae-ra is a struggling receptionist with big dreams of becoming a news anchor, representing the polar opposite of the affluent Hae-in.

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A Closer Look at Ae-ra’s Optimistic and Comedic Journey in “Fight For My Way”

Queen of Tears
Kim Ji Won in Queen of Tears

In “Fight For My Way,” Kim Ji-won brings a charming and comedic portrayal to Ae-ra, a character who never loses her positive outlook on life despite facing numerous challenges. The slice-of-life drama follows the “Crazy Fantastic Four” group of friends as they navigate personal and professional struggles, with Ae-ra’s storyline being a standout.

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Unlike the wealthy Hae-in, Ae-ra is financially strapped and has yet to achieve her goals at the start of the series. However, her unwavering determination and ability to find joy in the simplest moments make her an instantly likable and relatable character.

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