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Listing All Radiants and Non-Powered Individuals in Valorant

Valorant boasts a diverse roster of agents, each with unique abilities and backgrounds. Among these agents, there are Radiants—individuals with supernatural powers—and non-powered individuals who rely on technology and skill. Here’s a comprehensive list of both categories, including the latest agent, Clove.

Radiants in Valorant

Radiants are extraordinary individuals in Valorant who possess supernatural abilities due to their exposure to Radianite, a mysterious substance in the game’s universe. These are the Radiant agents:

1. Jett

Jett - Valorant
Jett – Valorant

Abilities: Cloudburst (smoke), Updraft (vertical boost), Tailwind (dash), Blade Storm (throwing knives)

Background: A nimble South Korean agent who uses wind-based abilities to outmaneuver enemies.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix - Valorant
Phoenix – Valorant

Abilities: Blaze (wall of fire), Curveball (flashbang), Hot Hands (fireball), Run It Back (revival)

Background: A fiery British duelist who harnesses flame abilities to control the battlefield.

3. Sage

Sage - Valorant
Sage – Valorant

Abilities: Barrier Orb (wall), Slow Orb (slow field), Healing Orb (heal), Resurrection (revive)

Background: A powerful Chinese healer known for her life-saving abilities.

4. Reyna

Reyna - Valorant
Reyna – Valorant

Abilities: Leer (blinding orb), Devour (heal from soul orb), Dismiss (intangible form), Empress (enhanced abilities)

Background: A vampiric Mexican agent who thrives on the souls of her enemies.

5. Yoru

Yoru - Valorant
Yoru – Valorant

Abilities: Fakeout (decoy), Blindside (flash), Gatecrash (teleport), Dimensional Drift (invisibility)

Background: A stealthy Japanese duelist who uses deception and teleportation.

6. Astra

Astra Valorant
Astra Valorant

Abilities: Gravity Well (pulls enemies), Nova Pulse (stuns enemies), Nebula (smoke), Cosmic Divide (barrier)

Background: The cosmic controller from Ghana who manipulates the battlefield with star-themed powers.

7. Neon

Neon - Valorant
Neon – Valorant

Abilities: Relay Bolt (concussive), Fast Lane (speed boost), High Gear (enhanced speed), Overdrive (electric beams)

Background: A speedy Filipino agent who channels electricity for agility and speed.

8. Fade

Fade - Valorant
Fade – Valorant

Abilities: Prowler (seeking creature), Seize (root enemies), Haunt (reveal enemies), Nightfall (fear effect)

Background: An enigmatic Turkish agent who uses shadow abilities to terrify and control enemies.

9. Skye

Skye - Valorant
Skye – Valorant

Abilities: Regrowth (heal), Trailblazer (seek enemy), Guiding Light (flash), Seekers (track enemies)

Background: An Australian healer who uses nature-based abilities to support her team.

10. Omen

Omen - Valorant
Omen – Valorant

Abilities: Regrowth (heal), Trailblazer (seek enemy), Guiding Light (flash), Seekers (track enemies)

Background: An Australian healer who uses nature-based abilities to support her team.

11. Gekko

Gekko - Valorant
Gekko – Valorant

Abilities: Ruse (smoke clouds), Meddle (decay), Pick Me Up (haste and health), Not Dead Yet (self-resurrection)

Background: A non-binary Scottish controller who manipulates immortality and smoke.

12. Harbor

Harbor - Valorant
Harbor – Valorant

Abilities: Cascade (water wall), Cove (shield), High Tide (water barrier), Reckoning (water strike)

Background: An Indian controller who manipulates water to control the battlefield.

13. Clove

Clove via VALORANT
Clove via VALORANT

Abilities: Ruse (smoke clouds), Meddle (decay), Pick Me Up (haste and health), Not Dead Yet (self-resurrection)

Background: A non-binary Scottish controller who manipulates immortality and smoke.

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Non-Powered Individuals in Valorant

Non-powered agents rely on advanced technology, strategic skills, and weaponry. Here are the non-powered agents:

1. Brimstone

Brimstone - Valorant
Brimstone – Valorant

Abilities: Incendiary (grenade), Stim Beacon (buff), Sky Smoke (smokescreen), Orbital Strike

Background: An American controller with military-grade technology to support his team.

2. Cypher

Cypher - Valorant
Cypher – Valorant

Abilities: Trapwire (tripwire), Cyber Cage (smoke), Spycam (camera), Neural Theft (reveal enemies)

Background: A Moroccan sentinel known for surveillance and intelligence-gathering.

3. Sova

Sova - Valorant
Sova – Valorant

Abilities: Shock Bolt (electric arrow), Recon Bolt (reveal enemies), Owl Drone (scout), Hunter’s Fury (energy beam)

Background: A Russian initiator who excels in scouting and eliminating enemies from a distance.

4. Killjoy

Killjoy - Valorant
Killjoy – Valorant

Abilities: Nanoswarm (grenade), Alarmbot (tracking bot), Turret (automated gun), Lockdown (detain enemies)

Background: A German engineer who deploys gadgets to control the battlefield.

5. Breach

Breach - Valorant
Breach – Valorant

Abilities: Aftershock (concussion blast), Flashpoint (flashbang), Fault Line (quake), Rolling Thunder (seismic blast)

Background: A bionic Swede who uses explosive abilities to disrupt enemy positions.

6. Viper

Viper - Valorant
Viper – Valorant

Abilities: Snake Bite (acid), Poison Cloud (gas), Toxic Screen (wall of gas), Viper’s Pit (gas cloud)

Background: An American chemist who manipulates poison to control zones and flush out enemies.

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7. Raze

Raze - Valorant
Raze – Valorant

Abilities: Boom Bot (explosive bot), Blast Pack (explosive satchel), Paint Shells (cluster grenade), Showstopper (rocket launcher)

Background: A Brazilian duelist who brings destruction with her explosive arsenal.

8. Chamber

Chamber - Valorant
Chamber – Valorant

Abilities: Headhunter (heavy pistol), Rendezvous (teleport), Trademark (trap), Tour de Force (sniper rifle)

Background: A French sentinel who uses sophisticated weapons and gadgets.

9. KAY/O

K/O - Valorant
Kay/O – Valorant

Abilities: FRAG/MENT (explosive), FLASH/DRIVE (flashbang), ZERO/POINT (suppressive blade), NULL/CMD (suppressive pulse)

Background: An anti-Radiant robot designed to disable enemy abilities.

10. Deadlock

Deadlock - Valorant
Deadlock – Valorant

Abilities: Barrier Mesh (trap), Sonic Sensor (detection), Tangler Grenade (entangling trap), Wave Spike (wave attack)

Background: A Norwegian sentinel who uses advanced traps and gadgets to fortify positions.

11. Iso

Iso - Valorant
Iso – Valorant

Abilities: Bullet Shield (deflect bullets), EMP Strike (disable electronics), Radar (track enemies), Nano Swarm (nano attack)

Background: A Chinese hitman who employs high-tech weaponry and gadgets.

Whether you’re drawn to supernatural powers or advanced technology, Valorant offers a rich tapestry of characters to suit any playstyle. This diverse roster offers a balanced mix of abilities and playstyles.

Source – Valorant

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