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Manor Lords’ Battles Take Backseat to City-Building Brilliance

Key Points:

  • Manor Lords is a city-building game where battles play a secondary role.
  • Developer Greg “Slavic Magic” Styczeń clarified it’s “not a Total War competitor.”
  • Players can opt-out of battles entirely with the “Rise to Prosperity” difficulty.
  • While not a focus, castle sieges and expanded combat may be added in the future.

While Manor Lords has garnered praise for its engaging real-time battles, the true star of the show is its brilliant city-building and management mechanics, a fact that the developer has made clear from the outset.

City-Building Takes Center Stage in Manor Lords

Manor Lords via Koifish
Manor Lords via Koifish

In a blog post on the game’s Steam page, developer Greg “Slavic Magic” Styczeń emphasized that Manor Lords is “not a Total War competitor.” “As per Styczeń’s statement, ‘The majority of gameplay is focused on city building and management,’ with battles playing a secondary role.”

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Opt-Out of Combat Entirely

Manor Lords - Official Gameplay via GameTrailers
Manor Lords – Official Gameplay via GameTrailers

For players seeking a pure city-building experience, Manor Lords offers the “Rise to Prosperity” difficulty setting, which removes battles and bandits altogether. According to PCGamer, In a Q&A with PC Gamer Magazine, Styczeń confirmed that this non-combat option is “a viable way to play for those who want to avoid the real-time combat mechanics.”

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Potential for Expanded Combat

Manor Lords via xbox
Manor Lords via xbox

While battles are not the primary focus, Styczeń hasn’t ruled out the possibility of expanding Manor Lords’ combat mechanics in the future. During the Q&A in PCGamer Magazine, he expressed interest in implementing castle siege warfare, stating, “Castles, sieges, and siege engines are a fairly iconic part of the time period, and I have some grand plans for the implementation of these aspects.”

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Early Access Success

Manor Lords via Koifish
Manor Lords via Koifish

Despite its emphasis on city-building over combat, Manor Lords has already achieved remarkable success in early access, surpassing 1 million copies sold and 100,000 concurrent players within just two hours of its release.

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