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Mark Duplass Reveals Filming Start Window for ‘The Morning Show’ Season 4

Key Points: 

  • The Morning Show’ season 4 begins filming in approximately a month, according to Mark Duplass
  • Duplass, who plays Charlie Black, hasn’t seen any scripts yet, theorizing it’s to avoid cast input
  • His character could play a pivotal role in the upcoming season after the dramatic events of season 3

It’s been over six months since the dramatic events of ‘The Morning Show‘ season 3 finale, and fans are eagerly awaiting updates on the highly anticipated fourth season. In a recent interview, Mark Duplass, who portrays producer Charlie Black, shared an exciting update on the production timeline for the upcoming installment.

When Will ‘The Morning Show’ Season 4 Start Filming?

The Morning Show
The Morning Show

As per ScreenRant, according to Duplass, filming for ‘The Morning Show‘ season 4 is set to commence in approximately a month’s time. However, the actor revealed an intriguing detail, he has yet to receive any scripts for the new season.

Duplass playfully theorized that the writers might be intentionally withholding the scripts to avoid input or demands from the show’s extensive cast.

“My assumption is, because the cast is so huge, if they tell us ahead of time what they want to do? Then we’ll come back and say, ‘No, I want to do this. I’m want do that.’ They don’t want to deal with that,” he explained.

While Duplass remains in the dark about the specifics of the upcoming season’s plot, his character, Charlie Black, could potentially play a crucial role. The season 3 finale saw Charlie delivering an explosive live interview, criticizing billionaire Paul Marks (Jon Hamm) and his attempts to gain control of UBA.

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Despite being fired by Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) due to his involvement in her personal life, Charlie’s actions in the finale have positioned him as a key player in the ongoing power struggles within the network.

What’s Next for ‘The Morning Show’?

The Morning Show
The Morning Show

As ‘The Morning Show‘ gears up for its fourth season, fans can expect more twists and turns in the soapy drama. With the addition of Oscar winner Marion Cotillard as the savvy Celine Dumont, the show promises to introduce fresh dynamics and storylines.

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While plot details remain under wraps, Duplass expressed his excitement for whatever the writers have in store, stating, “I’m gonna get that dinner in two weeks, and I’ll eat it up. I will love it because it’s a dream job.”

The Morning Show‘ is currently available to stream on Apple TV+.

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