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Midas’ Golden Comeback Fires Up Fortnite C5S2 Excitement

Key Points:

  • Midas, the gold-touch character, set to make comeback after past bugs
  • Teaser image shows Midas in new outfit with golden victims
  • Highly anticipated return has fans divided over potential impact

Epic Games has finally seemingly confirmed that Midas, the legendary skin capable of turning everything gold, is being prepped for a return to Fortnite in the current Chapter 5 Season 2. A new teaser image depicts Midas in a fresh outfit, golden corpses at his feet.

Fans Split on Midas’ Comeback

Fortnite Midas Via Playstation
Fortnite Midas Via Playstation

The teaser has reignited debate among the Fortnite community over whether bringing back Midas’ game-altering abilities is the right move. However, loyal followers have been clamouring for his royal return, But others are understandably concerned about further technical issues after the rocky Season 2 launch.

According to DotEsports, Signs of a comeback have been pointing to this for months with files referencing a Midas Yacht POI and more.

If done right, it could be an epic comeback.

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Golden Mayhem on the Horizon?

Midas Via Fortnite
Midas’ Golden Touch Via Fortnite

While the exact form of Midas’ in-game return remains unclear, fans have speculated he could become a hireable character capable of golden-izing items and areas.

If implemented properly without issues, Midas’ golden touch would surely breathe new life and chaos into Chapter 5 Season 2’s world. But it’s a big “if” given the previous setbacks caused by his powers.

Only time will tell if Midas’ return truly has the Midas touch or ends up inflicting more bugs on Fortnite‘s battle royale experience.

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