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‘Modern Family’ Finale: What Happens to Each Character

Key Points: 

  • Jay embraces Gloria’s Colombian culture and plans a trip to Colombia with Joe.
  • Claire and Phil adjust to an empty nest as their children move out and start new adventures.
  • Cam and Mitch adopt a new baby and move to Missouri for Cam’s new coaching job.

The beloved sitcom Modern Family ended its 11-season run in 2020, wrapping up the stories of the Dunphy and Pritchett families in a heartfelt finale. The final episode focused on the future, showcasing where each character was headed. From Jay’s newfound appreciation for Gloria’s culture to the Dunphy children’s big life changes, the series concluded by highlighting the growth and progression of each family member.

Jay, Gloria, & Joe Reconnect With Family

Modern Family
Modern Family

How does Jay embrace Gloria’s culture?

In the series finale, Jay surprises Gloria by revealing he’s been learning Spanish, showing his dedication to embrace her Colombian heritage. The family plans a trip to Colombia for the summer to help their son Joe connect with his roots. This marks a significant shift for Jay, who often resisted incorporating new cultural elements into his life. Gloria’s efforts to blend their families are reciprocated as Jay decides to return the favor by immersing himself in her culture.

Manny, Gloria’s son from her previous marriage, embarks on a world tour with his biological father. Throughout the series, Manny developed a taste for the finer things in life, but he lacked firsthand cultural experiences. Encouraged by Gloria, he sets off to explore the world, marking a new chapter in his journey of self-discovery.

Claire & Phil Become Empty Nesters

Modern Family
Modern Family

Where do the Dunphy children go?

By the end of the series, all three Dunphy children have moved out. Haley and her husband Dylan, along with their twins, move into Cam and Mitch’s old house. Alex takes a job in Switzerland to work on a research team, and Luke heads off to the University of Oregon. This leaves Claire and Phil adjusting to life as empty nesters. Initially heartbroken, they soon embrace their newfound freedom and plan a trip in the RV Phil’s late father left them.

Cam, Mitch, & Lily Welcome a New Family Member

Modern Family
Modern Family

What big changes do Cam and Mitch face?

Cam and Mitch adopt a baby boy named Rexford and move to Missouri after Cam secures a job as a college football coach. Their move to a bigger house accommodates their growing family, marking a significant transition from their previous life in California. The couple’s journey comes full circle as they embrace new opportunities and expand their family.

The Modern Family finale perfectly encapsulated the growth and changes in each character’s life, leaving fans with a sense of closure while also hinting at the ongoing adventures of the beloved families. As they all move forward with new challenges and opportunities, the finale reinforced the show’s core message about the importance of family and adapting to life’s changes.

Modern Family’s final season is available for streaming on ABC and Hulu.

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