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Moon Knight producer Peter Cameron joins Junayed Alavi for debut feature film Sapiens

Peter Cameron, co-producer on Marvel’s Moon Knight, has signed on as co-producer for rising Indian filmmaker Junayed Alavi’s debut sci-fi feature Sapiens. Cameron joins the project after previously collaborating with Alavi on his award-nominated horror short Hunger.

Peter Cameron Brings Marvel Experience to Ambitious Indian Indie Film “Sapiens”

Moon Knight Co Producer Peter Cameron via Rep tv
Moon Knight Co-Producer Peter Cameron via Rep tv

According to reports from Hindustan Times, Peter Cameron came aboard Sapiens thanks to his existing working relationship with director Junayed Alavi. Cameron served as executive producer on Alavi’s well-received short film Hunger, which was nominated at the Festival del Cinema di Cefalu in Italy.

In addition to Moon Knight, Cameron’s Marvel credits include co-writing and co-producing the acclaimed series WandaVision and Werewolf by Night. He is also working on the upcoming Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

As per Alavi, “Peter has been a mentor since my first short film ‘Hunger.’ His understanding of characters and world building has helped me shape ‘Sapiens.’”

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Sapiens Set in Dystopian Near-Future India

Sapiens - Teaser
Sapiens – Teaser

Described as a dystopian sci-fi drama, Sapiens was written by Alavi during the COVID lockdown. His company Alavi Motion Pictures is producing alongside Cameron.

The film takes place in a cyborg-controlled village in West Bengal, India, where two rival families, one Dalit and one Brahmin, are pitted against each other amidst apocalyptic events. Ms. Marvel actor Asfandyar Khan stars as the narrator who has lived through the apocalypse.

Shot in parts of Birbhum with a largely Bengali crew and cast, Sapiens tackles complex socio-cultural themes through a genre lens. Alavi describes it as “a study on the human psyche, how far someone can go for power.” Audiences will be able to watch the thought-provoking film in Bengali, Hindi, and English when it is released.

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