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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet On Track to Become Second Best-Selling Pokemon Game

Key Points:

  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to become the second most-sold Pokemon games in the franchise.
  • The games have sold just under 25 million units, nearing Pokemon Sword and Shield’s 26 million sales.
  • Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow remain the best-selling Pokemon games, a position they’ve held since the 1990s.
  • Nintendo’s financial results confirm the Switch successor’s reveal this fiscal year and a June Nintendo Direct for Switch titles.

The Pokemon franchise continues to captivate trainers worldwide, with the latest entries, Scarlet and Violet, on an impressive trajectory to cement their place as the second best-selling games in the series, according to Nintendo’s end-of-year financial results.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Closing in on Sword and Shield’s Sales

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet via IGN
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet via IGN

As per DotEsports, With nearly 25 million units sold, the latest installments in the Pokémon franchise, Scarlet and Violet, have positioned themselves to potentially surpass the impressive sales figures achieved by the previous generation’s Pokémon Sword and Shield games, which moved 26 million copies. With an increase of over two million units sold in 2024, the games are poised to surpass Sword and Shield’s numbers in the coming year.

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Red, Blue, and Yellow Remain Undefeated at the Top

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet via IGN
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet via IGN

While Scarlet and Violet are on the verge of claiming the second spot, the original Pokemon game, Pokemon: Red, Blue, and Yellow have remained untouchable at the top of the franchise’s sales charts since their release in the 1990s.

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The original Pokémon games, Red, Blue, and Yellow, have maintained an unparalleled dominance atop the series’ sales charts since their debut in the 1990s. For over two decades, these pioneering titles have remained unchallenged, showing no indications of being toppled from their position as the franchise’s best-selling entries.

Additional Details: Nintendo’s financial results also confirmed that the Switch successor will be revealed this fiscal year, and a Nintendo Direct focusing on Switch titles is scheduled for June 2024.

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