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Potential Sequel in Works for Hugh Jackman’s Cult Sci-Fi Flick After 13 Years

Key Points:

  • Hugh Jackman and Shawn Levy continue to explore the potential for Real Steel 2 due to the original film’s enduring cult following.
  • The movie’s recent success on Netflix and support from co-star Anthony Mackie have increased interest in a sequel.
  • Levy and Jackman’s upcoming collaboration on Deadpool 3 with Disney could help push the Real Steel sequel closer to reality.

Real Steel Sequel Gains Momentum After 13 Years

Real Steel (2011)
Real Steel (2011)

More than a decade after its initial release, the 2011 sci-fi sports drama Real Steel is gaining traction for a potential sequel. Hugh Jackman, who starred in the original film, and director Shawn Levy have revealed that they are actively discussing the possibility of “Real Steel 2” due to the movie’s enduring cult following.

Real Steel, loosely based on the Richard Matheson short story Steel, follows a former boxer (Jackman) who bonds with his estranged son by building and training a robot boxer. While the film received mixed reviews upon its release, it has since garnered a dedicated fan base, with many viewers appreciating its fresh take on the sports drama genre and Jackman’s charming lead performance.

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Recent Success Fuels Sequel Talks

Real Steel
Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

The discussions around a Real Steel sequel have been fueled by the movie’s recent success on Netflix, where it has found a new audience. Additionally, co-star Anthony Mackie, who has gone on to become a prominent figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been vocal about his support for a sequel.

“We always talk about Real Steel 2. Because the world won’t let us forget, and I’m glad for that,” Levy shared in a recent interview with Screen Rant.

With Levy and Jackman set to collaborate with Disney on the upcoming Deadpool 3, the studio’s involvement in a Real Steel sequel seems increasingly plausible. Disney has shown a willingness to capitalize on cult followings, as evidenced by the upcoming Willow sequel series on Disney+ and the Tron: Ares project.

If Deadpool 3 proves to be a success, it could strengthen Levy and Jackman’s position to pitch a Real Steel sequel to Disney, especially given the original movie’s box-office performance and growing fanbase.

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The next chapter of Real Steel is still in the early stages of discussion, but with the combined star power of Jackman and Levy, along with Disney’s potential involvement, the prospect of a sequel seems more promising than ever.

No release date or additional details have been announced for a potential Real Steel sequel.

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