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Queen of Tears’ Drama Allegedly Inspired by Real-Life Events

Key Points:

  • Reports suggest that the hit K-drama Queen of Tears is based on the real-life story of Samsung heiress Lee Boo Jin and her former husband.
  • The drama’s plot and characters bear striking similarities to Lee Boo Jin’s marriage to Im Woo Jae, a former Samsung employee.
  • While the series romanticizes reality, it offers a different perspective on the couple’s journey and a chance for mutual understanding.

As the popular K-drama Queen of Tears continues to captivate viewers, rumors have surfaced that the series is inspired by a real-life story that once shook the nation, the marriage of Samsung heiress Lee Boo Jin and her Cinderella groom, Im Woo Jae.

Striking Similarities Between ‘Queen of Tears’ and Lee Boo Jin’s Life

Queen of Tears
Queen of Tears

According to Kdrama Stars, the drama’s protagonist, Hong Hae In, played by Kim Ji Won, shares striking similarities with Lee Boo Jin, the daughter of Samsung’s former chairman, Lee Kun Hee. Like Hae In, who manages the Queen Group’s department stores, Lee Boo Jin was in charge of the luxurious Shilla Hotel and restaurant chain in Seoul.

Furthermore, Kim Soo Hyun’s character, Baek Hyun Woo, a law school graduate working at the Queen Group, bears a resemblance to Im Woo Jae, who was a technical staff member at Samsung C&T’s IT department before marrying Lee Boo Jin.

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The Real-Life Fairytale Romance and Its Aftermath

Queen of Tears
Queen of Tears

Lee Boo Jin and Im Woo Jae’s first encounter happened during a Samsung Foundation charity event in 1995, where Boo Jin was an undercover intern, similar to how Hae In’s character was introduced. Their relationship blossomed, and Woo Jae was unaware of his partner’s background until their wedding in August 1999, which defied societal norms and sparked a media frenzy.

Unfortunately, their fairytale romance didn’t have a happily ever after. Lee Boo Jin filed for divorce in 2014, securing custody of their child. Im Woo Jae’s divorce journey is said to have ended bitterly after five years of marriage, with him receiving less than 1% after resigning from his position at Samsung and returning to his original status.

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While the series Queen of Tears romanticizes reality, the writer offers Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In’s marriage an escape route and a chance for mutual understanding, making the narrative more interesting. With only two episodes released so far, viewers are curious to see how the drama’s characters navigate their unconventional marriage and the challenges that lie ahead.

Queen of Tears airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m. KST on tvN and is available for streaming on Netflix.

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