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Ranking ‘Modern Family’ Vacations: From Worst to Best

Key Points:

  • The ranking of Modern Family vacations from worst to best.
  • Memorable moments from each trip that highlighted family dynamics.
  • Reflection on how each trip contributed to character development.

Modern Family has taken its beloved characters on various vacations, each providing unique adventures and memorable moments. Over 11 seasons, the Dunphys, Tucker-Pritchetts, and Delgado-Pritchetts ventured beyond their homes, creating episodes filled with humor, drama, and heartfelt family bonding. Here, we rank their vacations from worst to best, showcasing how each trip highlighted the family’s dynamics and growth.

What Were the Worst ‘Modern Family’ Vacations?

Modern Family
Modern Family

Palm Springs, California

In the fourth season, the entire family headed to Palm Springs for a New Year’s Eve getaway. Jay fondly remembered the hotel from past visits, but upon arrival, it was clear that things had changed. The outdated and rundown hotel led to disagreements among the couples, making this trip one of the least enjoyable. The lack of unity and the underwhelming experience made it the worst vacation on our list.


The Dunphy family’s trip to Florida wasn’t exactly a vacation; they were there for Phil’s mom’s funeral. Despite the somber occasion, the family found moments of lightness and bonding. Mitchell helped Gloria in a Florida courtroom, Cam mingled with gossiping seniors, and the kids enjoyed the sunshine. The emotional support for Phil and Frank elevated this trip above Palm Springs, but the funeral setting kept it from being a true vacation.

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Which ‘Modern Family’ Vacations Were the Best?

Modern Family
Modern Family

Disneyland, Anaheim, California

In the third season, a day trip to Disneyland brought out the fun-loving side of the Modern Family crew. The entire family had moments to shine, with Alex and Haley’s excitement, Cam and Mitch’s leash dilemma with Lily, and Gloria’s attempts to make Manny act his age. Luke and Phil’s ride marathon added to the excitement, making this a standout vacation episode.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Season 5’s trip to Las Vegas saw the adults leaving the kids behind for a weekend of fun. The chaotic events, from Mitchell running into his ex-boyfriend to Phil trying to impress magicians, provided nonstop entertainment. The grownups’ antics mirrored the kids’ usual behavior, showcasing a different side of the characters and making it one of the most entertaining vacations.

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Sydney, Australia

Traveling to Sydney, Australia, was a special trip for Phil, as it connected him to his late mother. The family’s adventures down under included Phil’s feeling of being cursed by Australia, Mitch and Cam’s realization about their friend’s celebrity status, and Haley and Alex teaching Lily about boys. This episode combined family drama, humor, and heartfelt moments, making it the best Modern Family vacation.

Modern Family is currently streaming on Hulu and Peacock.

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