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Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Discuss Crafting Romance in The Fall Guy

  • The Fall Guy features a sweet love story at its core, alongside action-packed stunt sequences.
  • Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt improvised together on set to craft a relatable and authentic romance between their characters.
  • The actors incorporated real-life experiences from the set into their scenes, creating a meta-narrative.

Bringing Authentic Romance to The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy
The Fall Guy

According to Total Film, while The Fall Guy promises to be an action-packed, stunt-filled blockbuster, the film also features a heartwarming love story at its core. Ryan Gosling plays Colt Seavers, a former stunt performer who returns to the industry to help his ex-girlfriend, Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt), save her directorial debut after the lead actor goes missing.

To bring authenticity to their characters’ romance, Gosling and Blunt relied heavily on improvisation and incorporating real-life experiences from the set into their scenes.

Blunt shared her approach to crafting a believable romance: “We just wanted to be really relatable, and that they’re a bit of a mess, they don’t have these idealized movie lines of what romantic scenes normally would entail.”

She aimed to make her character, Jody, approachable and relatable.

Gosling echoed Blunt’s sentiments, highlighting their collaborative process: “We wanted it to feel like what it feels like to really make a film. So [we] just started taking things from what was happening on set.”

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Meta-narrative and Real-Life Experiences

Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy
Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy

The actors seamlessly blended their on-set experiences into the film’s narrative, creating a meta-narrative that mirrored the filmmaking process.

Gosling explained, “If we were in rehearsals, and Emily wore a giant hat that was blowing away because of the helicopter behind us, it was like, ‘Oh, that should be in the scene.’ She made finger guns at me and then regretted it, but it was amazing, we were like, ‘Well, that should be the scene.’ So, anything that was happening on the way to the set became what we incorporated into the scene.”

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Blunt credited director David Leitch for fostering an environment that encouraged improvisation and collaboration.

“You need a director who’s curious and interested and in a full embrace of that,” she said. Gosling added, “And brave, because he’s working without a net. But he’s a stunt guy, so he’s used to that.”

The Fall Guy will be released in UK and Ireland cinemas on May 2, and in US theaters on May 3.

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