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Ryan Gosling first Quipped on Oscar Singing Debut

  • Ryan Gosling was initially hesitant to sing as his “Ken” character during the Oscars ceremony
  • He jokingly expressed concerns about the potential for negative reviews if he had performed with Jimmy Fallon’s house band
  • Despite his initial reservations, Gosling’s daughters were not impressed, referring to his antics as “Dad’s Kenning again”

Ryan Gosling’s appearance as the iconic “Ken” doll during the 95th Academy Awards ceremony was a highlight for many viewers. However, the actor himself was initially skeptical about taking on the singing performance.

Ryan Gosling’s Initial Reluctance to Sing as Ken at the Oscars

Ryan Gosling - I'm Just Ken (Live From The Oscars 2024)
Ryan Gosling – I’m Just Ken (Live From The Oscars 2024)

According to Deadline, Gosling revealed that he had given the Oscars producers a “100% no” when asked if he would sing as his Barbie character. “There’s a lot of ways that could go wrong,” Gosling admitted, citing the risk of receiving negative reviews as his primary concern.

Fortunately for Gosling, his fears did not materialize, as he jokingly acknowledged, “Imagine the reviews I would have had if I’d have The Roots,” referring to Fallon’s in-house band.

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Daughters Unimpressed with Gosling’s Kenning Antics

Ryan Gosling - Barbie
Ryan Gosling – Barbie

Despite his successful Oscars performance, Gosling’s daughters were not particularly enthused about their father’s portrayal of Ken. The actor revealed that his daughter’s reaction was, “Dad’s Kenning again,” indicating a level of disinterest in his over-the-top antics.

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Gosling had previously mentioned that his daughters have not even watched the Barbie movie and are unlikely to do so, stating, “It was their interest in Barbie and their disinterest in Ken that sort of started all of this.”

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