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Ryan Reynolds Amazed Disney Approved Hard R Rating for ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’

Key Points:

  • Ryan Reynolds is amazed that Disney approved an R-rating for the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie.
  • This marks the first R-rated Marvel Cinematic Universe film under Disney’s ownership.
  • The movie features Hugh Jackman’s highly-anticipated return as Wolverine, requiring an R-rating to maintain the characters’ edgy portrayal.

Disney’s Bold Move with Deadpool & Wolverine

Deadpool & Wolverine via Marvel Entertainment
Deadpool & Wolverine via Marvel Entertainment

According to Variety, in a surprising turn of events, Ryan Reynolds has revealed his astonishment at Disney’s decision to greenlight an R-rated Deadpool and Wolverine movie. This marks a significant departure from the family-friendly entertainment typically associated with the studio.

Reynolds expressed his pride in Disney for allowing the film to maintain its mature and uncompromising tone. “I hope it doesn’t sound condescending, I’m really proud of them for doing this. I think it’s a huge step for them,” he stated in a video interview with Fandango. The actor acknowledged the boldness of Disney’s move, adding, “It adds a whole other color to this kaleidoscopic wheel that is that company and the different people that they have been entertaining forever.”

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Staying True to the Characters’ Roots

Deadpool & Wolverine
Deadpool & Wolverine

The decision to grant an R-rating was essential for staying true to the character’s roots. Reynolds noted his surprise at Disney’s willingness to let them “go as hard R,” but expressed gratitude for the opportunity. With Hugh Jackman reprising his iconic role as Wolverine, whose last appearance in “Logan” was also R-rated, there was no other way to pair these two comic book icons on the big screen without embracing mature content.

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Deadpool and Wolverine gear up for its July 26 theatrical release.

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