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Tom Cruise and Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova break up

According to recent reports, Tom Cruise has split from Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova just weeks after the new couple was first spotted together. Sources claim the Top Gun actor “cooled off the romance” but hopes to remain friends with Khayrova due to living in the same London apartment complex.

Tom Cruise and Russian Socialite Elsina Khayrova End Brief Romance

Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai
Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise was getting serious with Khayrova prior to the breakup. An insider claimed the pair spent nights together at Khayrova’s “very beautiful” London apartment, “doing a lot of the things that normal couples do.” Cruise also reportedly met Khayrova’s two children from her marriage to Russian oligarch Dimitry Tsvetkov.

But according to The Sun, Cruise has since “cooled off the romance.” 

A source stated: “To end things on a bad note would have been awkward if they’d bumped into each other in the lift. There are no hard feelings between them, and for Tom, their relationship simply ran its course.”

As Cruise’s brief fling with Khayrova made headlines, Tsvetkov spoke out about his ex-wife’s extravagant lifestyle. According to Tsvetkov, satisfying Khayrova’s “expensive and luxurious taste” during their 11-year marriage cost him millions.

Tsvetkov stated: “Irrespective of whoever she’s with, Tom Cruise or anybody else, they should be aware that she likes the finer things in life and has expensive and luxurious taste.” He added Cruise should “keep his eyes and wallet wide open.”

The Russian oligarch claims he lost much of his fortune in their lengthy divorce proceedings, including handing over luxury items exceeding $40,000 each. But Tsvetkov says he’s “happy” for his ex and wishes her “all the best.”

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Tom Cruise’s Ex Nicole Kidman Allegedly Found Romance “Staged”

The Last Samurai - Tom Cruise
The Last Samurai – Tom Cruise

According to the National Enquirer, Cruise’s former wife Nicole Kidman saw the brief, publicity-shy romance as “staged and bizarre.” A source said Kidman believes it was Cruise’s attempt to combat his reputation as “undateable” by “throwing money” at Khayrova.

The insider further claimed Kidman “knows what a ham Tom is” and expects he’ll eventually “get bored and distracted.” Kidman has been happily married to Keith Urban since 2006.

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