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Vanessa Hudgens Teases ‘Bad Boys 4’ and Singing Role in ‘French Girl’

Key Points:

  • Vanessa Hudgens opened up about her return as Kelly in the upcoming ‘Bad Boys 4’ and her singing role in the new movie French Girl.
  • She praised the Bad Boys franchise’s longevity and teased that the new installment will feature belly laughs and action-packed sequences.
  • Hudgens also shared her excitement about singing in French Girl, her first musical role since her Disney days.

Vanessa Hudgens is gearing up for two highly anticipated projects – the fourth installment of the Bad Boys franchise and a musical comedy called French Girl. In an interview with ET’s Denny Directo, the actress offered a sneak peek into both films, showcasing her versatility as an action star and a singer.

Vanessa Hudgens on Bad Boys 4

Oscars 2024 Vanessa Hudgens via Entertainment Tonight
Oscars 2024 Vanessa Hudgens via Entertainment Tonight

Speaking alongside her French Girl co-stars Zach Braff and Evelyne Brochu, Hudgens shared her excitement about reprising her role as weapons expert Kelly in Bad Boys 4. According to the actress, the new installment will pay homage to the franchise’s legacy while acknowledging the characters’ evolution over time.

“I mean, it’s just like such a classic beloved story, and it’s really neat being able to go on this journey with them and have so much time go by,” Hudgens said in the interview with ET. “We really leaned into the fact that they are a bit older and things changing, and they’re not necessarily operating at the speed they once knew.”

Hudgens, who made her debut in the franchise with 2020’s Bad Boys for Life, promised fans plenty of laughs and action in the upcoming movie. “It’s fun to be around, and I think there’s like a lot of belly laughs and [it’s] action-packed,” she teased. “It’s going to be a great movie.”

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Hudgens Excited About Singing Role in French Girl

While Bad Boys 4 showcases Hudgens’ action chops, her new movie ‘French Girl’ allows her to flex her musical muscles. In the film, Hudgens plays Ruby Collins, a chef who mentors Evelyne Brochu’s character in Quebec City. The role required Hudgens to sing on screen for the first time since her High School Musical days.

“The entire time reading the script from the jump, I was just cracking up. I think it was so hilarious. And this musical number was definitely one of those moments,” Hudgens revealed in the interview. “Me, Nick [Wright] and James [Woods] — our directors — talked it through and found this sweet spot of it being, you know, good and ambitious, but very cringe. And it made me cringe personally when I watched it, but all in the name of comedy.”

Co-star Zach Braff, who plays Hudgens’ love interest in the film, praised the actress’s comedic timing during the musical number. “We had a lot of laughs that day. Vanessa was so funny,” the Scrubs alum said.

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French Girl premieres in theaters on March 15, while Bad Boys 4 is currently in post-production with no release date announced yet.

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