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Wednesday Season 2 Continues Frustrating TV Trend

Key Points:

  • Jenna Ortega’s remarks suggest Wednesday Season 2 will adopt a movie-like format for its episodes.
  • This approach has been a common issue for TV shows, often leading to pacing and storytelling problems.
  • Big franchises, particularly Disney and Netflix, have struggled with the trend of treating TV shows like movies.

After the resounding success of its debut season, Netflix’s “Wednesday” is gearing up for its highly anticipated second installment. However, recent comments from series lead Jenna Ortega have raised concerns about the show potentially falling victim to a frustrating trend in television – treating TV shows like movies.

Jenna Ortega’s “Movie-Like” Tease for Wednesday Season 2

Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams

According to ScreenRant, In her remarks about the upcoming season, Ortega teased that each episode of “Wednesday” Season 2 will feel “a little bit like a movie.” While the promise of more action-packed and horror-driven content is exciting, the idea of a “movie-like” format could be worrisome for fans who enjoyed the show’s pacing and storytelling in its first season.

The trend of TV shows adopting a movie-like approach has become increasingly common in recent years, particularly with big franchises. However, this approach has not always been successful, often leading to pacing issues, disjointed storytelling, and episodes that feel disconnected from the overall narrative.

Disney’s struggles with Marvel and Star Wars TV shows exemplify this problem. While some series like “Loki” and “WandaVision” have thrived within a limited episode format, others like “The Book of Boba Fett” and “Secret Invasion” have suffered from cramped stories and messy conclusions.

Netflix itself is no stranger to this trend, with the latest season of “Stranger Things” featuring episodes that exceeded an hour in length, blurring the lines between television and film.

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The Potential Impact on Wednesday’s Storytelling

Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams

While “Wednesday” has already established itself as a major franchise, adopting a movie-like approach could compromise the very elements that made its first season so successful. The pacing and episodic storytelling of Season 1 were widely praised, and tampering with that formula could disrupt the show’s narrative flow and overall cohesion.

As the show continues to expand its world and explore new storylines, maintaining a balance between cinematic ambition and episodic structure will be crucial to its continued success.

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No release date for “Wednesday” Season 2 has been announced yet.

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