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What Nearly Made Bradley Cooper Quit ‘Place Beyond The Pines’ Midway?

Key Points: 

  • Bradley Cooper nearly quit The Place Beyond the Pines after receiving a heavily rewritten script shortly before filming.
  • Director Derek Cianfrance had brought in a screenwriter to overhaul the entire script, changing Cooper’s character significantly.
  • After a late-night conversation, Cianfrance managed to convince the reluctant Cooper to remain in the project.

In the world of filmmaking, last-minute changes, and script rewrites are not uncommon, but they can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges. Such was the case with The Place Beyond the Pines, where Bradley Cooper nearly walked away from the project midway due to drastic changes made to his character.

Why Did Bradley Cooper Nearly Quit ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’?

Bradley Cooper via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Bradley Cooper via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

As per The Hollywood Reporter, according to director Derek Cianfrance, just weeks before filming was set to begin, he brought in screenwriter Darius Marder to rewrite “every word” of the crime drama’s script. This decision was made after Cianfrance agreed with many of Marder’s notes and suggestions for improving the screenplay.

However, when Cooper received the updated script, he was far from pleased with the changes made to his character, Avery, a police officer who kills the film’s empathetic thief (played by Ryan Gosling) halfway through the story.

Cianfrance revealed that Cooper left him a voicemail expressing his frustration and stating his intention to quit the project, as the rewritten script was “not the movie that we had signed up to do.”

With Cooper’s involvement being crucial to securing funding for the film, Cianfrance knew he had to act quickly to address the actor’s concerns and prevent him from walking away.

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The Late-Night Conversation That Saved the Project

Bradley Cooper via The Tonight Show
Bradley Cooper via The Tonight Show

Determined to keep Cooper on board, Cianfrance arranged a late-night meeting with the actor in Montreal, where he was working at the time. From midnight until 3:30 AM, the director engaged in a lengthy conversation with Cooper, attempting to convince him to stay with the project.

Cianfrance’s persistence paid off, as Cooper eventually relented in the final moments of their discussion. As the director humorously recalled, “I think he just got tired. He wanted to go to bed.”

The behind-the-scenes drama surrounding ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ highlights the importance of open communication and collaboration between filmmakers and actors. While creative differences are bound to arise, finding common ground and compromising when necessary can be the key to ensuring a project’s success.

Cianfrance’s willingness to address Cooper’s concerns head-on and his ability to persuade the actor to remain involved ultimately allowed The Place Beyond the Pines to be brought to fruition as envisioned.

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The Place Beyond the Pines was released in theaters on March 29, 2013.

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