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Why Did the National Catholic Reporter Praise “Lucifer” for Its Depiction of Faith?

Key Points:

  • The National Catholic Reporter praised Lucifer for its nuanced exploration of faith and religious themes.
  • The show examines Lucifer’s complex relationship with God from a deeply relatable perspective.
  • Lucifer blends procedural elements with profound philosophical and spiritual storylines.

The supernatural drama Lucifer received high praise from an unlikely source, the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) – for its respectful and insightful portrayal of faith-based themes and religious struggles.

Why Did the National Catholic Reporter Praise Lucifer for Its Depiction of Faith?


According to CBR, in her review, NCR writer Tia Noelle Pratt commended how Lucifer “embraced religion and the struggles of faith” through the lens of its titular character. She highlighted Lucifer’s inner turmoil stemming from his one-sided relationship with God as something deeply relatable, despite his unique circumstances.

Pratt explained that while Lucifer’s despondency over feeling rejected by God mirrors common human experiences of doubt or resentment, his firsthand knowledge of the divine adds profoundly deeper layers. Lucifer’s direct awareness of God’s presence intensifies his conflicts, whether they stem from his punishment, the longing for validation and interaction, or his harmful ways of coping. This awareness imbues him with a sorrow that surpasses anything humans can understand, making his pain profoundly deep and vast.

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Blending the Sacred and Secular


What makes Lucifer so captivating, according to Pratt, is how it balances controversial religious themes with more grounded storylines.

Amid the police procedural cases and Lucifer’s playboy antics are deeper spiritual meditations – his destructive rebellion against God’s rules, his desire for a real relationship with his distant father, and his journey of self-discovery all resonate as powerful metaphors.

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The showrunners and star Tom Ellis, who were delighted by Pratt’s thoughtful critique, have succeeded in creating a show that treats faith with nuance rather than sensationalism. Lucifer both celebrates and wrestles with fundamental existential questions in a way that proves inspiring for people of all beliefs.

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