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Young Sheldon Season 7 Update: Confirmation on George Cooper’s Death

  • George Cooper’s fate is sealed in Young Sheldon season 7, as he is confirmed to be alive until episode 12.
  • CBS’ official press release confirms that George’s death will transpire during the one-hour Young Sheldon finale on May 16.
  • While George’s death has been known since The Big Bang Theory, the circumstances surrounding his demise will finally be revealed in Young Sheldon.

George Cooper’s Death in Young Sheldon 

George Cooper in Young Sheldon Season 7
George Cooper in Young Sheldon Season 7

According to ScreenRant, the countdown to George Cooper’s death has officially begun in Young Sheldon season 7. According to CBS’ official press release, Lance Barber’s character, the patriarch of the Cooper family, will remain alive until episode 12, titled “A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture.”

This confirmation means that George’s death, a pivotal moment foreshadowed since The Big Bang Theory, will transpire during the special one-hour finale of Young Sheldon, airing on May 16.

While George’s demise has been a looming certainty since the prequel series began, the decision to have him survive until the finale carries significant implications for the show’s conclusion. By delaying his death, the writers have ensured that George’s presence remains a part of the Cooper family’s journey until the very end.

However, this decision also presents challenges. With George’s death scheduled to occur during the finale, the show may struggle to balance the tragedy’s aftermath with the expectation of a lighthearted and comedic sendoff for the Coopers.

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What Happens to the Coopers After George’s Death?

Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon

While the specifics of George’s death remain shrouded in mystery, The Big Bang Theory provided glimpses into the Cooper family’s future after the devastating event. Georgie, who will be at the center of the upcoming Young Sheldon sequel series, revealed that he took over the family responsibilities following his father’s unexpected passing.

Meanwhile, Mary was too grief-stricken to function, and Missy continued her rebellious teenage ways. Sheldon, oblivious to the situation, had already embarked on his journey to Caltech for post-grad studies. As Sheldon prepares for his departure to Caltech, Young Sheldon’s storytelling will likely revolve around the end of his time in Medford, including his graduation and eventual move. George, on the other hand, has no major personal arc remaining aside from his death.

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However, his survival until the finale allows the show to include him in significant family events, such as seeing Sheldon off to his new life in California. Additionally, George will receive a final mini-storyline in episode 12, where he is offered a new job, providing a fitting conclusion to his journey, which began with him being fired and moving to Medford.

Young Sheldon season 7 airs every Thursday at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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