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Ascendant Infinity FPS Gameplay Trailer Unveiled by PlayFusion

Key Points:

  • The first gameplay trailer for Ascendant Infinity, a squad-based competitive shooter, revealed
  • Trailer showcases the game’s constantly evolving battlegrounds and “adaption shooter” mechanics
  • Teams fight to find, protect, and extract biocores amidst environmental threats and map changes
  • The closed beta for the game announced as “coming soon”

Get ready as PlayFusion has unveiled the first gameplay trailer for Ascendant Infinity, an upcoming squad-based competitive shooter that promises a unique and ever-changing experience with its “adaption shooter” mechanics.

Ascendant Infinity : An Evolving Battlegrounds Revealed

Trailer Snapshot via Ascendant Infinity

According to Gamespot, the gameplay trailer offers a glimpse into the chaotic and dynamic world of Ascendant Infinity. In this shooter, teams of three must contend in battlegrounds that are constantly shifting and evolving, with the objective of finding, protecting, and extracting biocores.

As shown in the trailer, each match brings new challenges as the landscape, extraction points, and environmental threats are adjusted, forcing players to adapt their strategies on the fly.

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’80s Neon Theme and Adaption Shooter Mechanics

Trailer Snapshot via Ascendant Infinity
Trailer Snapshot via Ascendant Infinity

The trailer showcases a vibrant, neon-infused aesthetic that harkens back to the ’80s, adding to the game’s unique and stylized visuals. Players can witness teams battling against dangerous monsters, transforming into hulking elementals after collecting biocores, and even transferring their consciousness into nearby creatures.

Release Details: Ascendant Infinity is set to launch on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store with closed beta coming soon.

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A New Frontier in Competitive Shooters

Trailer Snapshot via Ascendant Infinity
Trailer Snapshot via Ascendant Infinity

With its dynamic battlegrounds, ever-changing mechanics, and neon-infused aesthetics, Ascendant Infinity promises to push the boundaries of the competitive shooter genre. As players eagerly await the chance to dive into the game’s closed beta, the gameplay trailer has piqued interest and set the stage for an exhilarating and unpredictable gaming experience.

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