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Chris Hemsworth Shares Positive Update on ‘Extraction 3’

  • Chris Hemsworth has provided a positive update on ‘Extraction 3,’ confirming that the script is currently being written.
  • While progress is being made, Hemsworth is unsure when filming will begin or when the movie will be released on Netflix.
  • Both Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave have other projects lined up, which could potentially delay the production of ‘Extraction 3.’

‘Extraction 3’ Script in the Works, Confirms Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth for the New BOSS Bottled Eau de Parfum

In a recent interview with Collider, Chris Hemsworth shared an update on the highly anticipated ‘Extraction 3.’ The actor confirmed that the threequel is actively in the writing process, with the script being prepared for production.

“We’re in the middle of sort of writing, prepping, getting it ready. I don’t know when we’re gonna start, but it’s in the works,” Hemsworth stated, indicating that while progress is being made, the filming timeline and release date are still uncertain.

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Busy Schedules Could Delay ‘Extraction 3’ Production

Chris Hemsworth - Vanity Fair
Chris Hemsworth – Vanity Fair

The success of ‘Extraction‘ in 2020 and its sequel in 2022 prompted the confirmation of ‘Extraction 3,’ continuing the story of mercenary Tyler Rake. However, the upcoming installment’s production could face potential delays due to the commitments of both Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave.

Hargrave, whose background as a stunt performer has been crucial to the success of the action-packed ‘Extraction‘ movies, is set to direct the action thriller ‘Kill Them All‘ for Paramount and an adaptation of the Mattel toy line ‘Matchbox.’ The order of these projects is not yet clear, but if they take precedence over ‘Extraction 3,’ the Hemsworth-led sequel could be five or six years away.

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Hemsworth, too, is currently attached to star in a Hulk Hogan biopic, which could add to the scheduling challenges. While the ‘Extraction 2‘ ending sets up an intense adventure for the third installment, the variables surrounding the key personnel’s schedules make it challenging to predict when filming could actually commence.

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