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PSN Linking Needed for Ghost of Tsushima PC’s Multiplayer, Solo Play Unaffected

Key Points:

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut for PC will require PSN account linking for the Legends multiplayer mode.
  • The single-player content will not require a PSN account linked to Steam.
  • This decision mirrors the Helldivers 2 controversy, sparking discussions around account linking requirements.
  • Developers aim to facilitate cross-platform play while facing scrutiny over player convenience concerns.

As the highly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut prepares for its PC debut on May 16, Sucker Punch Productions has clarified the requirements for linking a PlayStation Network (PSN) account, addressing concerns reminiscent of the recent Helldivers 2 controversy.

Ghost of Tshushma Single-Player Accessible Without PSN Linking, Multiplayer Requires It

Ghost of Tsushima_ Director's Cut - Official PC Features Trailer via PlayStation
Ghost of Tsushima_ Director’s Cut – Official PC Features Trailer via PlayStation

According to DotEsports, In a recent reply on X (formerly Twitter), the developers confirmed that players will not need to link a PSN account to Steam to access the game’s acclaimed single-player content. However, as per the statement, “Players will need to link their PSN accounts to Steam to immerse themselves in online gameplay with their friends” for the Legends multiplayer mode.

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Echoes of Helldivers 2 Controversy, Balancing Player Convenience

Helldivers 2 via PlayStation
Helldivers 2 via PlayStation

This decision to require PSN account linking for multiplayer access has sparked discussions within the gaming community, drawing parallels to the controversy surrounding Helldivers 2. The latter faced backlash for its account linking requirements, with concerns raised about accessibility and player autonomy.

The decision to link a PlayStation Network account for engaging in multiplayer gameplay echoes a comparable uproar surrounding Helldivers 2, another popular game that faced criticism from players due to its account linking prerequisites.

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Additional Details: Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut for PC is set for release on May 16, 2024.

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