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Why Was ‘The Office’ Filmed in an Actual Office Building Instead of a Studio?

The iconic comedy series The Office became known for its mockumentary style, feeling like a real documentary shot in an actual workplace. As it turns out, that authentic vibe came from the show being filmed in a real office building rather than a studio set. While the building looks mostly the same from the outside, its interior has gone through changes since the show wrapped filming there.

Why Use a Real Building Instead of a Studio in ‘The Office’?

The Office
The Office

According to The Things, as actress Angela Kinsey explained on a podcast, shooting in a real office building “really lent itself to the documentary style” the producers wanted. 

She noted that “a lot of times on sets, they actually build the office so if they wanna film and get a certain camera angle, they can move a wall. On our show, because it was in an actual office building, you just had to work with it.” 

The constraints of a real space added to the mockumentary feel.

How Has the Iconic Building Changed Since Filming Ended?

The Office - Steve Carell
The Office – Steve Carell

Externally, the building now has ‘Quixote Studios’ in large lettering on the side, reflecting the media company that operates there today. There are also new signs saying no loitering or trespassing. But otherwise, it looks similar to fans of the show.

Inside, according to reports, it still houses production offices and two large soundstages used for filming projects. Kinsey said crews had to “work with” the existing layout during filming, so major renovations are unlikely. The building apparently can accommodate sets, crews, and equipment needed for major TV and movie productions.

What Do Superfans Think About the Building’s New Purpose?

The Office
The Office

For diehard Office fans who spent years looking at the Scranton Business Park exterior, it can be odd to think of other shows filming inside. But knowing it is still home to creative productions is likely comforting. The space where Steve Carell and others brought the beloved series to life gets to live on as a hub for new entertainment. The changes made are understandable updates allowing it to stay an active studio.

While the building itself isn’t frozen in time, fans can revisit the classic interior through repeated rewatches. And the exterior maintains enough familiar touches to satisfy those who make pilgrimages. The Office lives on through its stories and characters, not the bricks and mortar of a studio. Though intrigued by its filming location, most fans care more than its comedic spirit endures.

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