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Difference Between Radiants and Non-Powered Agents in Valorant


  • Valorant features two distinct agent types: Radiants with supernatural powers and non-powered individuals relying on advanced tech.
  • Radiants draw their abilities from the mysterious Radianite substance, closely tied to the game’s lore.
  • Non-powered agents showcase human ingenuity through their gadgets and devices, many powered by Radianite.
  • This balance creates dynamic gameplay and highlights the narrative tension between natural powers and technological mastery.

Valorant, the popular tactical shooter by Riot Games, features a diverse roster of agents classified into two categories: Radiants and non-powered individuals. This classification is integral to the game’s lore and gameplay experience.

Radiants possess innate superpowers manifesting in various forms, like Jett’s wind manipulation or Phoenix’s fire control. They draw their abilities from Radianite, a mysterious substance central to the Valorant universe.

Non-powered individuals rely on advanced technology and gadgets, often powered by Radianite. Agents like Cypher and Killjoy exemplify this category, using surveillance and automated devices.

The distinction impacts gameplay, with Radiants altering matches through powerful abilities, while non-Radiants bring tactical versatility. It also fuels narrative tension, as organizations like Kingdom Corporation seek to harness Radianite’s power through technology.

Who Are Radiants?

Omen Valorant
Omen Valorant

Radiants are extraordinary individuals in Valorant who possess supernatural abilities. These special powers manifest in various forms, often linked to elements like wind or fire. For instance, Jett can control wind, while Phoenix wields fire. Radiants derive their powers from a mysterious substance called Radianite, which plays a pivotal role in the game’s universe. These agents are deeply connected to the game’s overarching story, as their abilities and origins are intrinsically tied to the lore.

Non-powered Individuals

Deadlock and Sova - Valorant
Deadlock and Sova – Valorant

On the other hand, non-powered individuals, or non-Radiants, do not possess innate abilities. Instead, they rely on advanced technology and gadgets, many of which are powered by Radianite. Agents like Sova and Deadlock represent this category, using surveillance gadgets and automated devices for defense and offense, respectively. These agents embody human ingenuity and technological advancements within the Valorant universe, providing a counterbalance to the superpowered Radiants.

Gameplay Implications

Reyna and Raze - Valorant
Reyna and Raze – Valorant

The distinction between Radiants and non-powered individuals has significant gameplay implications. Radiants often possess abilities that can drastically influence a match’s outcome, such as healing, teleportation, or elemental control. Non-Radiants, however, bring tactical versatility through their gadgets and devices. This balance ensures that teams must strategize around both raw power and technological prowess, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

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Lore and Storyline

KayO and Phoenix - Valorant
KayO and Phoenix – Valorant

Valorant’s lore is rich with tales of how Radiants and non-powered individuals coexist and conflict. The existence of Radiants has led to societal tensions and power struggles, with organizations like Kingdom Corporation playing pivotal roles. Kingdom Corporation, a powerful entity within the game’s lore, is heavily involved in the extraction and utilization of Radianite. This corporation’s influence extends to the development of advanced technology used by non-Radiants.

Source – Valorant Wiki 

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