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Differences Between Bridgerton’s Social Season and Historical London Ton

  • Bridgerton’s color-blind casting ignores racial struggles at that time.
  • The show romanticizes classism and patriarchal structures while critiquing sexism.
  • There is a lack of meaningful LGBTQ+ representation in the series.

The wildly popular Netflix series Bridgerton has captivated audiences with its steamy romance and lavish depiction of Regency-era London’s high society. However, the show’s portrayal of the social season and the “ton” differs significantly from historical reality.

How Does Bridgerton Address Race and Social Class?

Bridgerton season 1
Bridgerton season 1

According to RockandArt, Bridgerton takes a color-blind approach, presenting an alternate universe where people of color are seamlessly integrated into the aristocratic ton. While this allows for positive representation and avoids reducing characters solely to racial trauma, it also ignores the harsh realities of racism that existed in 19th-century England.

The show romanticizes the upper classes and the social season rituals, relying on these historical processes for its plot. However, it has begun to critique class differences, with a storyline exploring the perceptions of the working class. Sexism still exists, with women lacking property rights and decision-making power, but strong female characters like Kate Sharma challenge patriarchal norms.

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Does Bridgerton Accurately Represent LGBTQ+ Identities?


Despite its diverse cast, Bridgerton lacks meaningful LGBTQ+ representation. Season 1 featured a closeted gay artist and hinted at Benedict Bridgerton’s potential queerness, but this was ultimately dismissed as queerbaiting. Season 2 lacked any LGBTQ+ characters or storylines.

This absence is notable, given the show’s willingness to depict interracial romances. While Bridgerton aims to create a relatable, romanticized world, it often falls short of accurately representing marginalized identities beyond surface-level diversity.

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Season 2 of Bridgerton premiered on Netflix on March 25, 2022, breaking the platform’s record for the most-watched English-language series in a week.

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