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Fortnite Returns to iPad for EU Players, Thanks to DMA

Key Points:

  • Epic Games announced plans to bring back Fortnite on iPad for European Union (EU) countries.
  • This follows the European Commission’s requirement for Apple to open iPadOS to alternative app stores.
  • Epic aims to launch the Epic Games Store on Android and iOS in the EU.
  • Fortnite was removed from mobile devices in 2018 due to a direct-pay system violation.

Fortnite fans in the European Union will soon be able to enjoy the battle royale phenomenon on their iPads once again, as Epic Games has announced plans to relaunch the popular game on Apple’s tablet devices for EU countries.

Fortnite’s EU iPad Return

Fortnite Battle Royale - Gameplay Trailer via PlayStation
Fortnite Battle Royale – Gameplay Trailer via PlayStation

As Per IGN, In a post on X/Twitter, the Epic Games newsroom revealed that EU players who have been missing the opportunity to play Fortnite natively on iPad will soon be able to do so.

According to the announcement, this move follows the European Commission’s recent decision to require Apple to open up iPadOS to alternative app stores as part of the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

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Epic Games Store Expansion

Fortnite x Avatar via Fortnite
Fortnite x Avatar via Fortnite

The reintroduction of Fortnite on iPad is part of Epic’s broader strategy to launch the Epic Games Store on Android and iOS in the EU. “Earlier, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney stated the company’s goal is to become ‘the number one multi-platform software store, on the foundation of payment competition, 0%-12% fees, and exclusive games like Fortnite.'”

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Fortnite’s Removal and Legal Battle

Fortnite - C2S2 Via PlayStation
Fortnite – C2S2 Via PlayStation

Fortnite was removed from all mobile devices nearly four years ago after Epic implemented a direct-pay system for in-game purchases, violating app store policies. This led to Epic suing both Apple and Google, with varying outcomes in the legal battles.

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Mobile Gaming Options

Billie Eilish via Fortnite
Billie Eilish via Fortnite

Since its removal, Fortnite players without a Nintendo Switch or portable gaming PC had to rely on streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming or Nvidia GeForce Now to enjoy the game on the go. Epic has not yet announced a specific release date for Fortnite’s return to mobile devices in the EU.

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