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GTA Online Lets Players Drive the Train in New Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid Update

Key Points

  • GTA Online’s latest update introduces the ability to drive the train for the first time
  • Players can briefly control the train during a specific mission in the new raid
  • Driving the train has been a long-awaited feature by fans since GTA V’s 2013 launch

After nearly a decade since Grand Theft Auto V‘s release, Rockstar Games has finally granted players’ wishes by allowing them to drive the iconic train in GTA Online‘s latest update, the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid.

Driving the Train in GTA Online’s Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid

GTA Online The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid Via RandomWierdThings 248 Youtube
GTA Online The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid Via RandomWierdThings 248 Youtube

According to an Article by Kotaku, As part of the new multi-mission experience, players will have the opportunity to steal and operate the train, albeit briefly, as part of the prep work required to infiltrate the Cluckin’ Bell factory controlled by a drug cartel.

One of the steps involved in taking down the cartel and the corrupt police allows GTA Online players to finally get a chance to steal and drive the train.

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A Decade-Long Wait for Train Driving in GTA Online

GTA Online_The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid via RockstarGames
GTA Online The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid via RockstarGames

Fans have been clamouring for the ability to drive the train in GTA Online since the game’s launch in 2013. Prior to this update, the only instance where players could control the train was during the “Derailed” mission in GTA V’s single-player campaign.

While this new update doesn’t introduce open-world train driving, it marks a significant step towards fulfilling a long-awaited fan request and potentially paves the way for future expansions to the feature.

Rockstar’s decision to include train driving, even in a limited capacity, has been met with excitement from the GTA Online community, who have waited patiently for over a decade to experience this iconic aspect of the game.

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