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Manor Lords VR Mod Impresses Devs With Immersive Experience

Key Points:

  • Manor Lords, the medieval strategy game, received a VR mod shortly after its early access launch.
  • The mod, created by Flat2VR, allows players to experience the game in 6DOF VR with mouse and keyboard controls.
  • The developers at Slavic Magic expressed awe at the mod, impressed that it works despite not knowing how it was done.
  • Manor Lords has become a hit on PC, selling over a million copies in its first day and peaking at 173,178 concurrent players on Steam.

The recently released medieval city-building strategy game Manor Lords has already captured the attention of gamers worldwide, and now, it’s offering an even more immersive experience with the help of a community-made virtual reality mod.

VR Modding Breakthrough

Manor Lords via Koifish
Manor Lords via Koifish

According to an announcement on X/Twitter by Flat2VR, a group dedicated to porting “flat” games into VR, Manor Lords can now be played with a VR headset on PC. As Per IGN, Mod currently works with mouse and keyboard controls in six-degree-of-freedom VR (6DOF VR).

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Manor Lords Developers Impressed by VR Mod

Manor Lords - Official Gameplay via GameTrailers
Manor Lords – Official Gameplay via GameTrailers

The VR mod has even caught the eye of Manor Lords‘ developers at Slavic Magic. Responding to a video showcasing the mod, they expressed amazement, stating, “Wow I have no idea how it’s done but I’m impressed it works.”

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Soaring Success in Early Access

Manor Lords - Official Gameplay via GameTrailers
Manor Lords – Official Gameplay via GameTrailers

Manor Lords‘ VR compatibility is the latest milestone for the game, which has already achieved remarkable success since its early access launch last week. Publisher Hooded Horse revealed that the game sold over a million copies within its first day and reached a peak of 173,178 concurrent players on Steam, solidifying its status as one of the breakout indie hits of 2024.

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