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MCU’s Spider-Man Trilogy Director Gives Tips for Successor of ‘Spider-Man 4’

  • Jon Watts, director of the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy, warns against using practical effects with Spider-Man swinging on a rope.
  • Watts advises the future Spider-Man 4 director not to waste time on this approach, as it can make the action look boring and unrealistic.
  • He offers this practical advice as his main tip for whoever takes on the Spider-Man 4.

Jon Watts, the director behind Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man trilogy, has shared valuable advice for the filmmaker who will helm the much-awaited Spider-Man 4. As the MCU prepares for the next chapter in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man story, Watts has a word of caution regarding the use of practical effects.

What Not to Do in ‘Spider-Man 4’: Avoid Using Ropes for Swinging Scenes


In an interview with Collider at CCXP in Mexico City, Watts revealed his practical Spider-Man advice: “It doesn’t look good when someone is just swinging on a rope. You think you’re gonna go in there, you’re like, ‘we’re gonna do it all practical. We’re gonna get a stuntman. We’re gonna be swinging around.’ It’s boring. It looks dumb. It looks like a monkey swinging on a vine when you put someone on just a rope.”

Watts emphatically warned, “Don’t waste your time. That’s my advice to the next Spider-Man director.”

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‘Spider-Man 4’ to Showcase a More Grounded Arc for Peter Parker


Throughout Holland’s original Spider-Man trilogy, the stakes escalated as he faced threats beyond New York, including aliens and multiversal foes. However, rumors suggest that Spider-Man 4 will focus more on Peter’s street-level adventures, offering a more grounded narrative.

Moreover, following the events of No Way Home, Peter finds himself in a unique position where no one, including his allies, knows his secret identity. This personal journey will allow Spider-Man 4 to explore a more intimate arc for the character, as he can only rely on himself moving forward.

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