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Ryan Gosling Reveals Dream Marvel Role

Key Points: 

  • Ryan Gosling signing on for an MCU role could help the franchise amid recent criticism and Disney’s efforts to course-correct.
  • The actor’s potential casting as Ghost Rider aligns well with his skills and experience, providing his first superhero role.
  • Gosling’s Ghost Rider could lead a new Avengers-like team, the Midnight Suns, alongside Blade and other supernatural characters.

What is Ryan Gosling’s Dream Marvel Role?

Ryan Gosling via The Tonight Show
Ryan Gosling via The Tonight Show

Ryan Gosling, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, has been rumored to have met with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and signed on for an undisclosed MCU role. While there has been no official confirmation yet, Gosling has revealed his dream Marvel character: Ghost Rider.

According to ScreenRant, the actor previously denied rumors about being cast as Nova, stating that he wanted to play Ghost Rider instead. This choice aligns with Marvel Studios’ recent focus on introducing more supernatural characters to the MCU.

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How Would Ryan Gosling’s Ghost Rider Fit into the MCU?

Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy
Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy

Gosling’s portrayal of Ghost Rider, the Johnny Blaze version, could be a major addition to the MCU’s supernatural corner. With Marvel Studios debuting characters like Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, and Blade, Gosling’s Ghost Rider could serve as one of the faces of this specific branch of the MCU.

As the franchise expands, Marvel could create overarching stories for different sub-groups, such as street-level, cosmic, and supernatural heroes. Gosling’s Ghost Rider could introduce Hell and demons to the MCU, potentially leading a new team called the Midnight Suns.

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What Other Characters Could Join the Midnight Suns?

Ryan Gosling - Barbie
Ryan Gosling – Barbie

The Midnight Suns, a team of supernatural heroes from the comics, is rumored to be in the works for the MCU. Gosling’s Ghost Rider and Mahershala Ali’s Blade could be the leaders of this team, with other potential members including:

  • Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, and Elsa Bloodstone from the Disney+ Special Presentation
  • Moon Knight and the Scarlet Scarab from Disney+
  • Kit Harington’s Black Knight, who has already met Blade
  • Doctor Strange and perhaps a reformed Scarlet Witch

Gosling’s versatility and experience make him a perfect fit for the role of Ghost Rider. With his physical skills showcased in films like Drive and The Place Beyond the Pines, combined with his acting abilities, the actor could bring a fresh and exciting take to the MCU’s supernatural side.

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