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Spoiler Alert!! Dark Twist in ‘The Fall Guy’ Explained

Key Takeaways:

  • The Fall Guy takes a dark turn when it’s revealed that the actor Tom Ryder is behind a murder and conspiracy.
  • Tom Ryder secretly hates stuntmen and wants to replace them with CGI, leading him to frame the stuntman, Colt Seavers.
  • Colt and director Jody hatch a plan to get Ryder to confess, exposing the dark side of Hollywood’s exploitative nature.

The Fall Guy, the new action-comedy film from director David Leitch, adds a surprisingly dark twist to its otherwise comedic premise. What starts as a lighthearted caper about a stuntman searching for a missing actor takes a sinister turn when the truth about the actor’s motives is revealed.

Tom Ryder: The Villainous Actor Behind a Deadly Conspiracy in The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy
Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy

Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays Tom Ryder, the actor who goes missing, prompting his stuntman Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) to search for him. As the story unfolds, it’s revealed that Ryder was involved in the death of Colt’s fellow stuntman Henry, and is conspiring to frame Colt for the murder.

Ryder’s motive is rooted in his hatred for stuntmen, whom he sees as stealing his glory. With the advent of CGI and deepfake technology, he believes the age of stuntmen is over and seeks to replace them entirely. His hatred runs so deep that he even admits to rigging an accident that caused Colt’s back injury, jeopardizing his career.

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Jody’s Plan to Expose the Truth and Protect Colt

The Fall Guy
The Fall Guy

When evidence emerges implicating Colt in Henry’s death, the producer Gail (Hannah Waddingham) launches a smear campaign against him, driven by her desire to protect the film’s star and ensure its success. This harsh reality of the entertainment industry’s exploitation and capitalistic nature is a bitter pill for Colt to swallow.

Fortunately, the film’s director Jody (Emily Blunt), who has a history with Colt, believes in his innocence. Together, they hatch a plan to get Ryder to confess on camera during a climactic stunt sequence, risking their careers and safety to expose the truth and clear Colt’s name.

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The Fall Guy is now playing in theaters.

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