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Wednesday Season 2 Will Not Be Released Until 2025

Key Points:

  • Wednesday Season 2 has been delayed until 2025 due to the Hollywood strikes in 2023.
  • Jenna Ortega will take on a producer role for the upcoming season, contributing to the creative process.
  • Production for Season 2 is set to begin in late April in Ireland, with plot details and casting announcements expected soon.

Viewers eagerly awaiting the return of Netflix’s hit series “Wednesday” will have to exercise patience, as the show’s second season has been delayed until 2025. The news comes as a disappointment for fans who have been eagerly anticipating the continuation of the Addams Family-inspired story since the first season concluded over a year ago.

Wednesday Season 2 Delays Caused by Hollywood Strikes

Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams

According to reports from Deadline, “Wednesday” Season 2 is among the Netflix shows impacted by the Hollywood strikes that occurred throughout the latter half of 2023. The production, originally scheduled for an earlier start, has been pushed back and is now set to commence in late April in a new location, in Ireland.

While fans may have to wait longer for the show’s return, there is exciting news surrounding the creative team. Series lead Jenna Ortega, whose portrayal of the iconic character garnered widespread acclaim, will take on an expanded role as a producer for Season 2. This move promises to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the show’s sophomore outing.

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Jenna Ortega Takes on Expanded Role

Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams

The finale of “Wednesday” Season 1 left viewers with tantalizing questions about the titular character’s mysterious stalker and the resurgence of Tyler’s Hyde persona. While plot details for Season 2 remain under wraps, it is expected that the core cast, including Ortega as Wednesday Addams, will return.

With production set to begin in Ireland in late April, fans can expect more updates and casting announcements in the coming months as the creative team gears up for the highly anticipated second season.

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“Wednesday” Season 1 is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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