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Why Was Suits Shot in Toronto Despite Being Set in New York City?

The popular legal drama series Suits captivated audiences with its portrayal of the high-stakes world of corporate law in New York City, but the show’s production team chose to film primarily in Toronto, Ontario, instead of the Big Apple.

Why Was Toronto Chosen as the Filming Location for Suits?

Suits - Harvey Spector
Suits – Harvey Spector

According to Screenrant, despite being set in New York City, the creators of Suits opted to film the majority of the series in Toronto due to various advantages the Canadian city offered. Cost-effectiveness was a significant factor, as shooting in Toronto proved to be more budget-friendly than filming in the expensive metropolis of New York. Additionally, Toronto’s diverse architecture and urban landscape provided a remarkable resemblance to New York City, allowing the show to maintain a convincing setting without incurring additional expenses.

Two iconic Toronto locations played a crucial role in bringing the world of Suits to life: Bay Adelaide West and the Ritz-Carlton hotel lobby. The imposing glass facade and towering presence of Bay Adelaide West perfectly embodied the grandeur and sophistication associated with a top-tier law firm, serving as a symbol of power and ambition for the characters.

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Moreover, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel lobby provided the perfect backdrop for many high-stakes business meetings and intense confrontations between the show’s characters. With its diverse locations and cost-effective production environment, Toronto proved to be an ideal choice for filming Suits, allowing the creators to bring the essence of New York City to life while maintaining the show’s authenticity and visual appeal.

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